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The Tommy Wi-Show Season 1 DVD Review

Tommy Wiseau fans will get a kick out of “The Tommy Wi-Show.”

Anyone who has ever seen “The Room (the greatest so bad it’s good movie of all time) knows that Tommy Wiseau is an absolutely fascinating individual. From his unplaceable accent to his mysterious past, he is a beloved figure to cult film fans everywhere. For those that can’t get enough of Wiseau (myself included), you will be happy to know that he has returned. This time, however, he has taken his talents to the web and has collaborated with Studio8 on a new 10 episode web series called “The Tommy Wi-Show.”

The series finds Tommy Wiseau (AKA TW) being randomly abducted from Earth from time to time only to be placed on a Moon Base where he is forced to play video games by a sadistic alien. The alien wants Wiseau to prove his video game skills, but as you will quickly find out, Wiseau is one of the worst gamers of all time. In fact, you are actually shocked when he does well. In the 10 episodes, TW plays the PS3 versions of Mortal Kombat, Dead Space 2, Duke Nukem Forever, Dead Rising 2, Driver: San Francisco, Dead Island, Dangerous Hunts, Little Big Planet 2, Dark Souls, and Fight Night Champion.

For most part, watching someone play a video game is about the most boring thing imaginable. Thankfully, Wiseau is not most people. Between his rambling commentary and random laughter to his hilariously bad game control skills and gut busting hysterical overacting, you will be hard pressed not to get caught up in the weirdness that is “The Tommy Wi-Show.” On top of that, the show actually has some ongoing stories involving Alien and TW’s forming friendship, the alien council, a future TW, and a cameo appearance by YouTube sensation iJustine. The tenth episode also offers up a doozy of a cliffhanger that will have you itching for the second season.

Summary: Whether TW is mocking a stripper in ‘Nukem’ or saying goofy lines as he transports back home, “The Tommy Wi-Show” is bound to make you laugh if you can appreciate Wiseau’s unique brand of humor/talents. Recommended.


The web series is presented in widescree and, for the most part, the show looks as good it not better than the YouTube releases.

The audio track is sharp throughout. The music, sound f/x, and alien voice modifier are impressive.

* A great, underrated horror-comedy TV pilot. You’ll just have to buy the disc to see what it is!
* 8 bizarrely edited episode Sneak Peeks.
* 7 bonus videos (previously released on YouTube) titled “Mortal Kombat Mini Games,” “TW Vs. Freddy Kruger,” “Epic Duke Nukem Gun Battle,” “TW Vs. The Duke Nukem Load Screen,” “TW’s Crazy-Cam Driving Adventure,” “TW Vs. The Bridge,” and “TW Vs. The Lost Planet.” These vids consist of Wiseau playing more of 4 of the video games featured on the score. My favorite bits here include Wiseau getting impatient with the extremely slow load screen on ‘Nukem,’ Wiseau mocking characters on “Driver: SF,” and Wiseau trying to cross a bridge with his horrid control skills.
* 11 ½ minutes of hilarious Wiseau acting outtakes from the mystery TV pilot mentioned above. 3 words: Blah-Buddy-Foo.
* 2 messa
* 3 videos of Tommy Wiseau thanking fans and chatting about the “The Tommy Wi-Show.”
* A 15 ½ minute Tommy Wi-Show Outtakes Reel. Highlights include Wiseau ranting about corn dinner and a very brief behind-the-scenes look at the making of a transport back home scene.

The first season of “The Tommy Wi-Show” can be purchased here: http://www.studio8.net/store/wishow/


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