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The Queen’s Palaces DVD Review

“The Queen’s Palaces” is a visual treat.

If you’ve ever wanted to get a peek inside Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle and Palace Of Holyroodhouse, “The Queen’s Palaces” is the BBC special series for you. In these 3 episodes, host Fiona Bruce gives viewers a full tour of the rooms, art, designs, and objects of the legendary Palaces. Bruce also chats about the setting, surroundings, history and tenants of each of the Palaces as well. If you’re expecting a full blown history lesson, however, you might be a little disappointed. These specials contain very simplified Cliff Notes history lessons which are most likely due to the time constraints of each episode. While it’s a shame these episodes don’t dig deep into the history, there are thankfully enough awe inspiring images and stories to keep you glued to your screen for the duration of all 3 specials. .


The episodes, which are presented in widescreen, are picturesque to say the least. the gorgeous cinematography really captures the grandeur of the rooms and the dazzling artistry of the Palaces designs. It’s a shame this wasn’t released on Blu-ray as well as the series would no doubt look even more impressive in hi-def.

The Dolby Digital 2.0 does the job. The series is mostly comprised of audio narration so there’s not too much going on here.

Extras include an informative 3 ½ minute introduction by The Prince Of Wales and trailers for “Upstairs/Downstairs” and “Hamlet.”


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