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RiffTrax Live: Jack The Giant Killer DVD Review

RiffTrax continues their hot streak with the release of the hilarious live “Jack The Giant Killer” show.

As with past live show releases, you get more than just a feature film being riffed on here. The event starts out with Mike Nelson, Bill Corbett, and Kevin Murphy riffing on a dopey philosophical short film titled “What Is Nothing?” In this short, 2 kids ramble on about…nothing. To say this is an easy target for the RiffTrax gang is an understatement so expect to hear plenty of great jokes about “Lost,” a caterpillar and stoners.

Whether you like it or not, Rich “Lowtax” Kyanka is back with 2 new animated shorts titled “The Greatest Superhero (Doorknob)” and “A Pretty Love Story.” Like the last time, however, his imaginative daughter wrote these 2 shorts that involve a superhero (obviously) and Jesus, a frog, and a monster house. They’re short, creative, and weird. That’s all I can really say about them.

The show concludes with the feature film “Jack The Giant Killer” (a big budget remake is scheduled for release in 2013). This fantasy adventure involves a brave giant slaying farmer (Jack) attempting to protect the lovely Princess Elaine from the clutches of the vengeful, power hungry wizard (Pendragon). Like most fantasy films, this one includes the usual magic, monsters, witches, and a Leprechaun.

While the film itself is actually fairly entertaining, the cheesy stop motion animation, corny dialogue, and sloppy final act definitely lend itself to some good old fashioned riffing. Mike, Bill, and Kevin certainly have no problem making gut busting jokes about everything from “Game Of Thrones” and Lady GaGa to giant droppings and a creepy jester doll. The best running gag, however, involves a certain something being seized. You’ll know it when you see it.

Overall, this is another fantastic live show. While some folks complain about the live show releases, I for one think there’s a certain energy to these shows that a studio production cannot replicate. I’m also a fan of the little improvisational moments such as when Kevin, Bill, or Mike respond to a crowd’s reaction to a joke or a certain amusing film moment. I also think seeing the RiffTrax gang’s reactions really adds to the enjoyment of the overall experience.


The video quality varies. The short “What Is Nothing?” looks so-so while the animated shorts (“The Greatest Superhero Doorknob” and “A Pretty Love Story”) look crystal clear. As for ‘Jack,’ the film is presented alongside a sidebar (that comes and goes) featuring the RiffTrax trio. Both the sidebar and film print are thankfully in good shape.

As for the audio quality, it’s certainly not on par with the video quality. “What Is Nothing” can be hard to hear while the dialogue on “Jack The Giant Killer” is a bit too low (prepare to crank the audio up). On the plus side, the riffers and the dialogue for the 2 animated shorts are as sharp as can be.

Extras include a 4 minute behind-the-scenes slideshow and a fantastic 10 ½ minute mock trivia pre-movie slidehow.

RiffTrax Live: Jack The Giant Killer is available to purchase on DVD or video on demand: http://www.rifftrax.com/dvds/rifftrax-live-jack-giant-killer


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