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Hero Tales- The Complete Series DVD Review

“Hero Tales” is not a tale worth watching.

I’m not going to review the content of “Hero Tales- The Complete Series” as I have already done that with the Volumes 1 and 2 DVD releases here: https://dvdcorner.net/2011/04/21/hero-tales-parts-1-and-2-dvd-reviews/

Instead, I’m just going to compare this new complete series set to the individual releases.

One would think that this new set (which contains all 26 episodes) would just be a repackaging of the other releases, but that is not the case. This complete series set sports a brand new box packaging, new disc covers, and new disc menus. If you’re expecting the same extras as the previous releases or even new extras, however, you’re in for a disappointment. This new release has LESS extras than the 2 volumes that are out now. Among the missing extras are the 4 art cards, the textless opening and closing songs, the “Star Battle: Special Round Tables,” the “Hero Tales” commercials and trailers and the “Dragon Ball Z Kai” trailer. The only extras that you do get are trailers for “Evangelion 2.22,” “Soul Eater” (times two), “Rideback,” (times two). “Yu Yu Hakusho” (times two), “Dragon Ball Z” (times two), “Eden Of The East,” “One Piece,” “D.Gray-Man,” “Darker Than Black” (times two), “Summer Wars,” “Noir,” “Kiddy Grade,” “Evangelion,” “Gai-Rei-Zero,” and “Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood.”

Summary: The bottom line is that if you are a fan of this show, you’re better off getting the Volumes 1 and 2 DVD sets if you’re looking for more extras. In terms of value, however, this complete series set is much cheaper than picking up the 2 volumes together so keep that in mind if you’re looking to save money.

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