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Frozen Planet Blu-ray Review

“Frozen Planet” is another incredible BBC production.

“Frozen Planet” is a 7 episode BBC Nature series in the vein of “Planet Earth.” The series revolves around the Arctic and Antarctica regions and how the seasonal changes effect the environments, wildlife, and even human beings. The final episode also explores the dangers and consequences of the rising temperatures effects on the Polar Regions. The 7 episodes are titled “To The Ends Of The Earth,” “Spring,” “Summer,” “Autumn,” “Winter,” “The Last Frontier,” and “On Thin Ice.” Each episode is followed by a segment called “Freeze Frame” which showcases a behind-the-scenes look at the filming the volcano, shooting 4 months in the Antarctic wilderness, and filming polar bears, Emperor Penguins, wolves and bison, walrus hunters, and ice breaks. Sir David Attenborough once again narrates this series and even makes appearances here and there.

Just when you think every corner of the world has been exhausted in these award-winning BBC nature documentaries, a new one is released and offers an even more expansive look at a certain part of the world. In “Frozen Planet,” we see the North and South poles, the Greenland ice caps, above and beneath the southern ocean, caves, Polar Bears, Penguins, fish, Narwahl, wolves, the Taiga Forest, frozen rivers, swimming snail, Minke, Whales, Musk Oxes, blizzaeds, Voles, Bison, a research base, and human tribes (like the Dogan).

Aside from the awe inspiring imagery, what makes “Frozen Planet” such a rewarding special is that it takes viewers on a real ride. The filmmakers literally go all out to obtain footage of things most people will never see in their lifetime. From Wolves fighting Bison and a Seal and Cub being reunited to a rock stealing Penguin and a Whale being preyed upon by Killer Whales, ‘Frozen’ always offers unforgettable moments that shed light on life in these cold, cold environments. In short, it never ceases to educate and fascinate.

Summary: See “Frozen Planet.” Nothing more needs to be said.


Despite being presented in widescreen 1080i instead of 1080p, the series still looks stunning. The snow covered mountains, frozen forests, swarms of sea birds, crystal caves, underwater creatures, and whales all look breathtaking thanks to the cinematic cinematography.

From the rousing score to the sounds of nature, the 5.1 DTS-HD never falters for a second.

* Warner/BBC trailers.
* Production Video Diaries for the first 6 episodes. 47 behind-the-scenes footage clips of the crew in various locations.
* “Frozen Planet: The Epic Journey”- A best of episode.
* “Science At The End Of The Earth”- A 21 minute episode about the science research explorers in the South Pole.

*Isolated scores for each episode.


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