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We Bought A Zoo Blu-ray Review

Cameron Crowe has another winner on his hands with “We Bought A Zoo.”

Based on a real story, “We Bought A Zoo” revolves around a journalist (Benjamin) who is struggling with the loss of his wife and becoming a single father. Wanting a fresh new start, Benjamin decides to take a crazy risk by buying a home/zoo (hence the title). Things don’t start out well (especially for the family dynamic and Benjamin’s finances), but Benjamin soon finds that he, his family, and even the zoo workers lives change for the better.

After being unjustly slammed for the underrated “Elizabethtown,” Cameron Crowe makes a welcome return to cinema with another charming, heartfelt character drama in “We Bought A Zoo.” Instead of focusing on dark themes like so many directors these days, Crowe does what he always does and makes a film that is emotional, powerful, and thematically rich. While some critics occuse Crowe of making overly sentimental films, I say, who cares? I’d rather see something that is sweet and has something to say instead of some soulless Hollywood junk.

Aside from Crowe’s script and direction, it’s the ensemble cast that makes this film a winner. Matt Damon and Scarlett Johansson give memorable performances here, but the real scene stealer is Elle Fanning. After “Super 8” and now this, Elle is fast becoming a star (and a much better actress than her sister to boot). The rest of the supporting cast have small, albeit memorable role as well.

Summary: Forget the Crowe haters and see “We Bought A Zoo.” You’ll be glad you did.


The film, which is presented in 1.85:1 1080p, looks absolutely crystal clear. Nothing more needs to be said.

‘Zoo’ is a rather busy and lively film and the 5.1 DTS-HD does a find job of  handling all the various sounds.

* DVD Copy and Digital Copy.
* “Scrat’s Continental Crack-Up Part 2” short and Fox trailers (including a “We Bought A Zoo” theatrical trailer).
* “Their Happy Is Too Loud”- An extra about the film score.
* Commentary by Cameron Crowe, JB Smoove and Mark Livolsi. Crowe offers some insight into the production and scenes, Smoove offers the comedic relief, and Livolsi is fairly quiet.
* Zoo Admission ticket offer.
* BD-Live Extras.
* 20 deleted/extended scenes.
* A surprisingly hilarious gag reel. Seriously, watch this.
* “We Shot A Zoo”- Crowe narrates this 5 part featurette that covers Benjamin Mee, the zoo set, rehearsals and filming, a behind-the-scenes look at the animals/animal trainers, etc.
* “The Real Mee”- A featurette on the real Benjamin Mee (the film the man is based on).
* Photo gallery.

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