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The Sitter Blu-ray Review

“The Sitter” lacks laughs.

“The Sitter” begins with a lazy, irresponsible young adult (Noah) begrudgingly taking on the job to babysit his neighbor’s children. Instead of having a quiet night of babysitting kids that don’t like him, however, Noah decides to take the kids out and about after Noah’s gal pal demands a booty call and a drug pick-up. From there on out, Noah and the kids have a wild night as they encounter a killer druglord, a gang and even engage in a robbery.

If “The Sitter” sounds like a raunchy, poor man’s version of “Adventures In Babysitting,” that’s because it is. ‘Adventures’ was filled with funny moments and memorable characters (including Thor) whereas “The Sitter” has none of that. In fact, there’s not much to like about “The Sitter” at all. From the eye-rolling, sappy moments where Noah and the kids bond and learn about themselves to the painfully unfunny comedic attempts, the entire movie is nothing more than a poor starring vehicle for Jonah Hill. One can’t help but feel he is just wasting his talents for a paycheck here (especially after seeing his REAL acting abilities in “Moneyball”).

Summary: Watch “Adventures In Babysitting” instead.

Note: This Blu-ray disc contains the theatrical and unrated cuts of the film.


The film, which is presented in 1.85:1 1080p, is surprisingly rather bland looking. While most new releases tend to look flawless, this transfer is grainy and not very good on the eyes.

The 5.1 DTS-HD audio track, on the other hand, is a nice lossless track. It does a fine job of balancing the action heavy moments and the quieter moments.

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