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Like Crazy DVD Review

“Like Crazy” is the best film from 2011 you probably haven’t seen.

The plot: Boy meets girl in college. Boy and girl fall in love. Girl overstays visa. Girl has to move back to England. Boy and girl drift apart while away from each other. Boy and girl see other people. Boy and girl still love each other. Boy and girl reunite. Boy and girl try to rekindle their romance. Boy and girl’s relationship is not the same.

The story of “Like Crazy” might not seem like anything special and that’s because it really isn’t. What is special is the honest depiction of love and heartbreak.

As someone who dates in this era, I can vouch for this film being both real and identifiable. You don’t often see a film that accurately portrays the range of emotions one experiences in a relationship (especially an on and off relationship). Normally, we just see fantastical romantic dramedies with a happy ending. Thankfully, we don’t get that here. What we do get is a film that covers the joy, fragility, passion, humor, hurdles, love, and heartbreak of a failing relationship. In an almost documentary esque fashion, we the audience see a couple fall in and out of love and thus we experience the same charming, funny, sad, and ultimately painful journey that the couple has. To say it’s a moving experience is a gross understatement.

I couldn’t end this review without talking about the two leads- Anton Yelchin and Felicity Jones. Yelchin, whose career continues to climb upward, gives the best performance of his career so far. He’s clearly an actor to watch. As for Jones, why more people aren’t talking about her is a true mystery. Her performance really blew me away here. She’s no doubt destined for stardom after this.

Summary: I haven’t been this floored by a film about romance since “Before Sunrise.” See it.


“Like Crazy” is presented in widescreen and I’m happy to report the transfer is sharp. From the scenes in sunny California to the scenes in England, the cinematography really shines here. Note: “Like Crazy” is also available on Blu-ray.

Dolby Digital 5.1 audio track= good.

* Paramount trailers.
* Commentary by Drake Doremus, Jonathan Alberts, and John Guleserian. Lots of lively discussions about shooting locations, colors, editing, cast members, etc.

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