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Little Angels: ABC’s, 123’s, and Animals DVD Reviews


“Little Angels” “ABC’s,” “123’s,” and “Animals” are 3 faith based educational animated discs from Fox. The 3 half-hour specials revolve around two children named Alex and Zoe who are being taught by 8 little angels (Michael, Gabriel, Dina, Ariel, Hayley, Charmeine, Uriel, and Hammy). Along with learning about responsibilities, fears, sharing, work and so forth, the two children learn about the letters of the alphabet (by associating them with Bible phrases ala A is for Angel),  numbers (by learning to count with Bible related images such as David and Goliath), and Biblical stories involving animals such as Noah’s Ark and Jonah And The Whale.

Let’s be honest here, “Little Angels” is a very niche product. If you are Christian parents that are looking to teach your children valuable life lessons, Bible stories, the alphabet, and numbers, these 3 discs are absolutely perfect for you. With catchy songs and lively characters, these 3 fast paced specials will not only educate children, but entertain them as well. If you are worried that these specials will fail to grab your child’s attention, don’t be. The animators and writers do not stall for time nor do they waste a single frame. All of the specials are very busy, colorful and filled with songs. In other words, they don’t allow time for a child to get bored.


All 3 specials are presented in 1.78:1. For the most part, the 2D animation is satisfactory, but it’s not exactly high quality animation here.

As for the Dolby Digital Stereo audio tracks, the music, voice work, and singing all sounded adequate.

* Digital copies for all 3 discs.
* Downloadable activity sheets for children on all 3 discs.
* Sing-along songs for “Easy As ABC,” “G-H-I, Me Oh My,” “Q To The R To The S,” “W-X-Y-Z,” “Goliath Didn’t Like Rock Music,” “Joshua, Get Those Trumpets Blowin’,” “Be Sure To Say Thank You,” “All You Can Eat Fish Dinner,” “Adam Gave Them Names,” “Noah Built An Ark,” “Jonah Was Fish Bait,” and “Pomegranates, Penguins.”

*”Little Lessons With Roma Downey”- The executive producer of these discs chats about the messages in the three specials.

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