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Take Shelter Blu-ray Review

“Take Shelter” is an eerie drama that boasts an incredible performance by Michael Shannon.

The premise: After being haunted by visions of nightmarish storms and violent people, father/husband Curtis begins to wonder if he is having visions of the future or if he’s slowly losing his mind. Getting the sense that his visions are all too real, Curtis begins to build a storm shelter even though it is clearly putting a financial strain on his family. Is Curtis paranoid? Has his family’s history of mental illness come back to haunt him? Will the visions come true? Those are the big questions.

“Take Shelter,” which plays like an extended “Twilight Zone” episode, is one of the 2011 film releases that didn’t garner the attention it deserves. It’s an intense, creepy, dread filled drama (with sci-fi/horror elements) that grabs your attention from the get go thanks to a plot that will have you wondering what is real up until the final frame.

The real star here, however, is Michael Shannon who was undoubtedly overlooked for his meaty performance here. It’s not everyday you see a working class father/husband character that wonders if he’s mentally ill or if he has been given visions of the future. To say it’s a unique character is an understatement. Rising star Jessica Chastain also shines as the confused, but supportive wife of Curtis.

Summary: If you’re looking for a different kind of film, I would recommend checking out “Take Shelter.”


“Take Shelter” is presented in 2.35:1 1080p and the film looks absolutely flawless on Blu-ray. The cinematography and CGI storms look crystal clear in hi-def.

The 5.1 DTS-HD audio track has a nice balance of loud sound f/x and quiet intimate moments. Basically, this track does it all.

* Sony trailers and a “Take Shelter” trailer.
* 2 deleted scenes.
* “Q&A With Michael Shannon and Shea Whigham”- A SAG Foundation Q&A about the film, the Curtis character, Whigham and Shannon’s friendship, etc.
* “Behind The Scenes Of Take Shelter” includes cast and crew interviews, set footage, and discussions about the casting, the production, and so forth.

*Commentary with Michael Shannon and Jeff Nichols. Not the most interesting (or talky) commentary, but there’s some decent stories about how scenes were made, casting, set stories, etc.

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