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2011 World Series Champions- St. Louis Cardinals Blu-ray Review

St. Louis Cardinals fans looking to relive the 2011 World Series will likely love this disc.

Narrated by Jon Hamm, this documentary special covers the St. Louis Cardinals’ spring training, Albert Pujols contract situation, Adam Wainwright being out for the season, the Cards slow start to the season, injuries, the Rally Squirrel, how they earned the Wild Card spot and made the playoffs, their upsets over the Phillies, Brewers, and a breakdown of each of the 7 World Series games. Also included in this documentary are loads of behind-the-scenes footage and interviews with Chris Carpenter, Tony La Russa, Lance Berkman, front office staff, Tom Verducci, Ron Washington, and more.

As far as documentaries about World Series champions go, it doesn’t get much more interesting than the Cardinals 2011 year. From their incredible last day of the season to the awe inspiring World Series victory, Cardinals defied the odds and never gave up. If there was ever a team that was determined to win, it was them. This was never more apparent then in game 6 of the World Series where it looked like the Cards were down out and against the Rangers. The Cards were literally one strike away from seeing the Rangers win it all, but they managed to stay alive and keep the game going in extra innings. Once in extra innings, they found themselves AGAIN one strike away from losing, but in an extraordinary turn of events, they won the game to force a game 7 where they eventually win on to win it all. If that’s not some of the finest baseball, I don’t know what is.

Summary: Cardinals fans, pick this one up. You’re never going to want to forget this roster.


The widescreen picture quality is flat-out great here. I hope to see more Blu-ray MLB releases in the near future.

I didn’t see a specified audio track listed, but it does the job regardless with clear sounding narration, game commentary, and interviews.

* Budweiser and MLB Productions ads.
* NLDS Game 5 between St. Louis Cardinals and Philadelphia Phillies. Chris Carpenter pitched a 3 hit no run game that not only led to a Cards 1-0, but allowed them to advance to play the Milwaukee Brewers and eventually the Texas Rangers
* NLDS Game 5, NLCS Game 6, and World Series Game 7 last outs and celebrations.
* Highlights from World Series Game 3 (Pujols 3 homers), Game 6 (Freese triple, Berkman single, Freese Walk-Off Homer, and Berkman/Freese press conferences), and Game 7 (Freese double).
* “This Week In Baseball: Lance Berkman”- A piece on star Lance Berkman.
* “Prime 9: Tony La Russa”- A special on La Russa’s career.
* “Cardinals Clinch NL Wild Card”- A video of their celebration.
* A brief piece of World Series Parade footage. It’s always cool to see a city rally around their team like this.


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