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In The Name Of The King 2: Two Worlds Blu-ray Review

“In The Name Of The King 2: Two Worlds” might be director Uwe Boll’s worst film yet.

If you’re looking for a direct sequel to “In The Name Of The King,” you’ll have to look elsewhere. This sequel has nothing to do with the first film. Instead, it’s about a modern day ex-soldier (Granger) who travels back in time to a land of magic and dragons to fulfill his destiny and save the people of this time period.

“In The Name Of The King 2: Two Worlds” is a sequel no one wanted. How and why Uwe Boll continues to make films might be the greatest mystery in cinema. And yet, he keeps coming back. This time, he’s managed to make a film that might very well be his worst yet. The amount of flaws with this film could easily top a grocery store list. Among the unpleasant things viewers can expect are: Lousy f/x, endless slow motion fights, exposition rants galore, a laughable performance by Natassia Malthe, dumb plot twists, forest wandering, a chat about moldy cheese, random explosions, a cast of what looks like live-action role players, CHEAP production values, repetitive dialogue about honor and propechy, goofy voice-overs, a lack of editing, and Dolph Lundgren sleepwalking his way through the film. Last, but not least, the film also features some horrendous dialogue such as “You are the true villain of this tale!”, “Now you’re the…uh…king?”, and “Are there parts of your body to which I must attend?”

Summary: “In The Name Of The King 2: Two Worlds” is one of the worst films of 2011.


The 1.78:1 1080p picture quality is mixed. The colors look fairly sharp considering how dreadful the jerky cinematography is.

Good luck trying to understand Lundgren’s mumbling on this 5.1 DTS-HD audio track.

* “From Page To Screen: Writing In The Name Of The King 2: Two Worlds”- Writer Michael Nachoff talks about writing the script.
* “Behind The Scenes Of In The Name Of The King 2: Two Worlds”- A Uwe Boll video diary that includes set footage and cast interviews.
* Commentary by writer Michael Nachoff. If you want to hear about the writer’s original vision, feel free to listen to this track.
* Commentary by director/producer Uwe Boll. For Boll fans only.

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