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The Littlest Angel DVD Review

“The Littlest Angel” offers little entertainment.

Based on the book by Charles Tazewell, “The Littlest Angel” revolves around an angel named Littlest who has having a tough time adjusting to life in Heaven. Not only is he struggling with his Angel training, but he also misses Earth. With the help of his dog pal Halo, Littlest decides to travel to Earth to pick up a memento of his. Of course, this simple pick-up turns into a much bigger journey that may change his life entirely.

“The Littlest Angel” is filled with good intentions. There are strong themes about selflessness, friendship, and good deeds that are undoubtedly important for young viewers. Unfortunately, the film itself leaves a lot to be desired. What could have been a cute and poignant CGI animated movie is reduced to a dull, sometimes meandering animated feature. The story takes its sweet time getting to the point after needlessly dwelling on two overlong chase sequences.

On the plus side, the animation is fairly good for a direct-to-DVD title. While not on the level of Pixar or Dreamworks, the Claymation esque CGI offers up well crafted character designs and some surprisingly detailed background items. Granted, the environments are a bit sparce at times, but you can’t expect flawless animation on a smaller budget.

Summary: “The Littlest Angel” may appeal to some families and children, but it certainly might not hold the attention of every viewer thanks to its slow pacing.


The 1.78:1 widescreen picture quality is crisp and clear. I am a little surprised that this title wasn’t also released on Blu-ray as the CGI would greatly benefit being in HD.

The Dolby Digital 5.1 audio track does its job. The voice over work and sound f/x sounded as good as can be.

The only extra is a featuretted titled “Pure Michigan Promo” that is essentially an ad for filmmaking in Michigan.

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