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Freerunner Blu-ray Review

“Freerunner” is a laughably bad action flick.

The plot: After being knocked out and strapped with bomb collars, the skilled contestants of a parkour race (Ryan, Mitch, Turk, West, Finch, Decks, Kid Elvis, and Freebo) are unwillingly placed in a deadly 60 minute race competition by the evil Mr. Frank. Sick billionaire gamblers bet on the racers to see which one (of the eight) racers will survive and win the million dollar prize.

With the popularity of parkour, it was obvious that Hollywood was going to try and capitalize on this craze by building a movie around it. Enter “Freerunner,” an action movie that mainly consists of scenes with running, jumping, and chasing with a cheesy “Death Race” esque competiton at the center. Add in horrendous out-of-synch dialogue, no name actors (except for Seymour Cassel), virtually unwatchable shakey cam cinematography, and a forced plot of a racer (Ryan) trying to make a better life for himself, his girlfriend, and his grandpa, and you know what to expect- cinematic garbage.  

Summary: Unless this movie winds up with a RiffTrax track, avoid it.


Not even a hi-def transfer can make this film look thanks to horrific cinematography. The film is presented in 2.35:1 1080p.

The loud music often overpowers the barely audible dialogue on this 5.1 DTS-HD audio track (not that you need to hear a single word being said). The action generally sounded impressive though. 

* “Freerunner” trailer.
* “Behind The Scenes, Bloopers, And Outtakes”- The title says it all.
* “Over The Rooftops And Behind The Scenes”- Another behind the scenes featurette.

* “Playing Ninja”- A game the cast and crew play on set.
* “Freerunner Stunts, Fights, And Effects”- A behind the scenes look at the practical f/x, high flying stunts,and fight scenes.  

* “Parkour/Freerunning”- Behind the scenes footage of cast members doing Parkour.

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