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The Heart Specialist Blu-ray and DVD Reviews


“The Heart Specialist” feels like a cheap made for TV drama, but it has its heart in the right place.

The plot: A womanizing, Medical School graduate turned hospital intern named Ray is taken under the wing of a wise, chief resident/comedian (Dr. Sidney Zachary). Through his guidance, Ray not only learns how to do his job better, but he learns more about himself as well. There are also key plots about Dr. Sidney’s secrets and his girlfriend/secretary Donna.

Released back in 2006 in select theaters, the film was no doubt released on home video to capitalize on the success of star Zoe Saldana who has a small role as the character Donna. While Saldana shines in her role, I can’t say this is one of her better films.

“The Heart Specialist” deserves credit for having well developed characters and heartfelt themes about love and friendship, but that’s not enough to make this film work as a whole. Truth be told, the movie is all over the place in terms of the script. There’s bizarre comedic relief scenes that go on too long and could have easily been cut out, random montages, a Method Man cameo that goes nowhere, and an odd use of voice overs. Add in some cheap sets, cheesy music, and awkward editing and you’ve got yourself a well intentioned, but flawed indie feature film.

Summary: I wouldn’t recommend “The Heart Specialist,” but you could certainly do worse than see this film.


The 1.78:1 widescreen picture quality on the DVD does the job. This isn’t exactly a film that people will praise the cinematography for so keep your expectations low. As for the 1080p picture quality on the Blu-ray, the colors are definitely sharper, but the grain is more noticeable on the hi-def transfer. To some, this could be bothersome.

The Dolby Digital 5.1 audio track on the DVD copy isn’t exactly the highest quality track since this is a low budget indie. However, the dialogue and music are satisfactory. The 5.1 DTS-HD audio track on the Blu-ray has more depth to it and the dialogue is noticeably clearer.

Blu-ray and DVD Extras:
* Fox trailers
* Nearly 4 ½ minutes of deleted scenes.

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