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Outcasts Season 1 Blu-ray Review

“Outcasts” is one of the worst television series of 2011.

Set in the future, “Outcasts” revolves around a colony of Earth citizens who have made their home on a planet called Carpathia after escaping their trouble filled homeworld. The series mainly focuses on the President, the Protecting and Security team, and the Expeditionaries (who seek out resources and supplies) in their town known as Forthaven. Episode plots involve a crazy Expeditionary, a transporter ship, artifically created humans, a kidnapping, a dust storm, diamonds, dead bodies, other life on Carpathia, a virus, and several secrets and mysteries regarding characters like Cass and Fleur.

From the first episode, it was clear that “Outcasts” was doomed for failure. Not only was this gritty, bleak, post-apoc sci-fi series desperately trying to emulate shows like “Battlestar Galactica” (it even has Apollo himself Jamie Bamber) and “Earth 2,” but it also had absolutely zero characters to connect with. While some of the cast is no doubt talented, they are utterly wasted here as they are given lifeless characters that are forced to spout stitled dialogue. It doesn’t help that the pilot (which is supposed to hook viewers) moves at a snails pace thanks to a lack of action and dull sit down conversations. The remaining 7 episodes are no better as it’s more of the same. Where’s the action? Where’s the intrigue? Where’s the gripping story arcs? How do you mess up such a promising plot? These are the types of questions that will no doubt frustrate viewers (like myself).

The only real highlight here is the production values and the special f/x. The Forthaven set and CGI is pretty impressive. The crew did a good job of creating a new world and making it believable.

Summary: “Outcasts” is sci-fi TV at its worst.


The widescreen 1080i picture quality is a mixed bag. The interior scenes are overly grainy while exterior/brighter scenes look pretty strong. 

The Dolby Digital Stereo track is flat. Why is there such a weak track on a Blu-ray disc? No excuse for that.

* “Doctor Who- Series 5” and “Sherlock” trailers.
* “Outcasts: Reach Out To The Stars”- A basic featurette in which the cast and crew chat about the story, characters, the universe in the series, etc.
* “Forthaven- Set Tour”- Title says it all.

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