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Dance In The Vampire Bund- The Complete Series Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack Review

“Dance In The Vampire Bund” is light on plot.

“Dance In The Vampire Bund” centers around a vampire Princess (Mina) and her werewolf protector (Akira). The story mainly involves the vampires coming out to the human world. Their goal is to form a bund (a living place for vampires), but that goal turns out to be easier said than done. In the 12 episodes, plots involve a TV show panel about vampires, rebel/killer/terrorist/rogue/assassin vampires, a kidnapping of the Prime Minister’s grandson, Mina attending Akira’s school, the 3 Clans, the formation of the bund with the help (or lack thereof) of the Japanese Government, arguments between Akira and Mina, and humans turning into vampires.

In the first episode, it appeared as if the series was off to an impressive start as the pilot episode about a TV show panel involving vampires was both engaging and non conventional. Unfortunately, the show doesn’t quite go anywhere after that as it turns into another tired vampire series. The bulk of the series has your typical killer or rogue vampires, human/vampire conflicts, and revealing back stories thrown in here and there for good measure. Granted, the series is never boring, but the show’s repetition, limited storyline, and lack of story arcs becomes tiresome by the time the twelth episode rolls around.

On the plus side, I have to give props to the animators and directors of this series. ‘Bund’ is a superemely well directed and visually stylish series that manages to keep your attention no matter the flaws.


The widescreen picture quality on the DVD is worthy of praise, but the picture quality looks even better in 1080p. The colors and lighting in particular look stunning on Blu-ray.

The DVD English Dolby Digital 5.1 and Japanese Stereo English audio tracks are solid, but the  Japanese track is stronger voice acting wise. The Blu-ray contains English Dolby TrueHD 5.1 and Japanese Dolby TrueHD 2.0 tracks. The  English track has much more depth than both the DVD and Japanese Dolby TrueHD 2.0 track, but the Japanese track is the better choice due to the superior voice acting.

DVD Extras:
* Trailers for “Casshern Sins,” “Moon Phase,” “TO,” “Speed Grapher,” “Claymore,” “Ga-Rei-Zero,” “Drop,” “Darker Than Black,” “Rin- Daughters Of Mnemosyne” and Funimation.com.
* 5 original Japanese commercials and a promo video.
* Textless opening and closing songs.
* 12 intermissions which are essentially motion manga pages with voice acting.

Blu-ray extras are the same except the Blu-ray set has a trailer for “Baka And Test” and doesn’t have a “Moon Phase” trailer.

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