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Platoon Blu-ray Review

“Platoon” is still a powerful film 25 years later.

“Platoon” is one of the rare films that doesn’t really focus on a story. It’s more about the soldiers and their experiences. This is very much a psychological war film that examines the confusion, the horror, the madness, and the downright gut wrenching aspects of the Vietnam War. Writer/director Oliver Stone does an expert job of relaying his views, opinions, and personal experiences of what it was like to be in the Vietnam War through this film.

The film also boasts an incredible enseble cast. There are superb supporting performances by Keith David, John C. McGinley, Kevin Dillon, Tony Todd, Johnny Depp, Forester Whitaker, but the three stand-outs here are Tom Berenger, Charlie Sheen (pre madness) and Willem Dafoe. All 3 actors give arguably the best performances of their career here. The performances just feel so believable and emotional without ever being phony or over-the-top.

Summary: With a well crafted script, superb direction, a great cast, and a haunting memorable score (by Georges Delerue), “Platoon” proves to be one of the best Vietnam War films (if not the best).


The 1.85:1 1080p picture quality sadly looks really grainy. The hi-def transfer does not help this film I’m afraid as it looks like an upconverted DVD at best.

The 5.1 DTS-HD audio track is fantastic. The helicopters, gunfire, and dialogue all sound sharp.

* DVD copy.
* Theatrical trailer
* Deleted and extended scenes with optional commentary by Oliver Stone.
* 3 TV spots.
* “Caputo And The 7th Fleet”- Author/war veteran Philip Caputo recalls his experiences in the Marine Corps.
* “Dye Training Method”- Military advisor Captain Dale A. Dye talks about how he trained the cast.

* “Gordon Gekko”- A story about how the name Gordon Gekko came about.
* “One War, Many Stories”- A 25 minute documentary made up of interviews with Vietnam War veterans.
* “Preparing For ‘Nam”- Oliver Stone and other war veterans talk about enlisting in the War.
* “Flashback To Platoon”- A 3 part extra that covers the Vietnam War in ’67 and ’68, the production design and location shooting, and the impact that “Platoon” has had on viewers.
* Commentary by military advisor Dale Dye. He talks about the authenticity of the film, the cast’s dedication to their roles, etc. A solid track that offers some interesting behind-the-scenes stories.
* Commentary by Oliver Stone. A really dull, monotone track with several quiet spots.

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