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Just Go With It Blu-ray Review

“Just Go With It” is yet another predictable and unfunny Adam Sandler vehicle.

The plot: After being burned by his wife to be, Danny becomes a womanizer who makes up lies to get with women. After meeting the girl of his dreams (Palmer), however, Danny thinks he has met a woman he would like to settle down with. Unfortunately for him, Palmer believes that Danny is still married (with children) and is about to get a divorce. Now, Danny has to convince his longtime co-worker Katherine to be his soon to be ex-wife to make the story believable. Of course, the lies soon grow (especially when Katherine makes up her own story to impress a college enemy). Will Danny and Palmer’s relationship grow or will Danny realize that she actually has feelings for Katherine instead? I’m sure you can guess what happens if you’ve ever seen a Hollywood rom-com before.

After the lazy and dull “Grown Ups,” Adam Sandler is back with a new film (“Just Go With It”) that somehow manages to be even worse than the aforementioned clunker. This needlessly long and predictable one joke movie is further proof that Adam Sandler and Dennis Dugan aren’t even trying anymore. Gone are the weird and funny sequences from Sandler’s early work (namely “Happy Gilmore” and “Billy Madison”). Instead, the so-called comedic material now consists of misogynistic jokes, plastic surgery mocks, a sheep heimlich manuever, and lame sight gags. To make matters worse, much of the film consists of Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston bickering like a married couple for 2 LONG hours. Call me crazy, but that’s not my idea of entertainment.

The only real saving grace here is the odd pairing of Nicole Kidman and musician Dave Matthews as a married couple. As weird as it sounds, it still manages to work mainly because it’s nice to see the two lighten up and play comedic roles for a change.

Summary: “Just Go With It” should be avoided.


With the L.A. and Hawaii locals, the1.85:1 1080p picture quality looks stunning.

The 5.1 DTS-HD audio track doesn’t have a whole to do, but the dialogue and music sounded fine throughout.

* Sony trailers.
* MovieIQ track.
* BD-Live capabilities.
* “Adon: Living Plastic” and “Kevin Nealon: The Plastic Man”- Extras about Kevin Nealon’s character and the pranks he played as the character.
* 16 deleted scenes (as if the film wasn’t long enough).

* “Along Came A Prop Guy”- Fake spider pranks on set.
* “Decker’s Got Gas”- Decker’s fart gag on set.
* “Dolph- Not The One From Rocky 4”- A featurette about Nick Swardson’s characte.
* “What’s A Dugan?”- A behind-the-scenes look at director Dennis Dugan on set.

* “Look Who Else Is In The Movie”- A look at a few of the actors and actresses who made cameos (namely Rachel Dratch, Heidi Montag, Kevin Nealon, and Dan Patrick).
* “Grand Wailea Promo”- A Hawaii resort ad.
* “Shooting Hawaii”- The cast and crew chat about filming in Hawaii.
* “Decker’s First Role”- A featurette about about model Brooklyn Decker’s first film role.
* “The Not So Perfect Couple”- A featurette about Nicole Kidman and Dave Matthews (and their characters).

* “The Perfect Couple: Jen And Adam”- A featurette that essentially praises Aniston and Sandler.
* “Sneaky Kiki And Bart The Water Fart”- A featurette about the two child actors.
* “Laughter Is Contagious”- Outtake reel.

* Commentary by Adam Sandler, Nick Swardson, and the filmmakers (who are never mentioned by name). No reason to listen to this one. Same goes for the commentary with director Dennis Dugan.

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