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Stan Lee’s Superhumans Season 1 DVD Review

“Stan Lee’s Superhumans” manages to hold your interest.

The first season of “Stan Lee’s Superhumans” (which is essentially a variation of “Ripley’s Believe It Or Not”) contains 8 episodes titled “Electro Man,” “Killer Punch,” “Hammer Head,” “Human Speed Bump,” “Human Wolf,” “Human Crash Test Dummy,” “Rubber Band Man,” and “Jaw Breaker.” Throughout these episodes, contortionist Daniel Browning Smith travels across the world to meet with real life superhumans/genetic curiosities that range from math wizards, the strongest man in the world, a lightning fast gunslinger, an amazing runner, a super climber, skilled martial artists, an expert sword swallower, and even a brave bee handler. Legendary comic book creator Stan Lee hosts the show.

Upon watching the first episode of ‘Superhumans,’ I found myself engaged by what I saw which is all you can really ask for with a show like this. As stated above, ‘Superhumans’ is basically a travelogue show in which Daniel Browning Smith meets other people like him with special skills, abilities, and or peculiarities. Rather than exploit the people (like some shows wuld do), the series is very respectful towards those featured in the series. I particularly found it interesting when doctors, mathmaticians and what not are brought in to study, observe, and understand how these people’s abilities are possible. It’s all very intriguing to say the least.

As far as the episodes go, some episodes are more interesting than others. Several of the “talents” (such as the beatboxer and martial artists) seem more like trained skills than abonrmalities. Personally, I thought the man who doesn’t feel pain and the rubber skin man to be the most fascinating people, but I don’t want to spoil their abilities for folks who haven’t had a chance to see the episodes.

Summary: “Stan Lee’s Superhumans” may not be must see TV, but it’s worth a watch nonetheless.


The widescreen picture quality is surprisingly crisp and clear for a reality series. The cinematography from the various locals all over the world look superb even on DVD.

The Dolby Digital Stereo audio track does its job. The narration, interviews, music all sounded fine to this reviewer.

The only extra is 15 minutes of bonus footage of the “Human Anvil,” “The Ultimate Diver,” “Modern Samurai,” “Splash,” and “The Human Calculator.”

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