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UFC: Ultimate Royce Gracie Blu-ray and DVD Reviews


“UFC: Ultimate Royce Gracie” is a fascinating documentary/overview of the legendary fighter’s career.

Unlike greatest hits compilation discs such as “UFC: Rampage Greatest Hits,” “UFC: Ultimate Royce Gracie” is more like a documentary chronicling the legendary fighter’s life and career. Viewers can expect to learn about Gracie’s fighting style (Gracie/Brazilian Jiu Jitsu), his father and brothers, his first fight in UFC 1 in 1993, his fights in UFC 2-5, behind-the-scenes stories about the fights, his teachings, his Pride fight in 2000, his own family, the comeback battle with Matt Hughes, his impact in MMA, and his eventual Hall Of Fame induction. Also included are photos, stock footage/home videos, and interviews with the likes of Georges St-Pierre, Joe Rogan, Matt Hughes, Dana White, his wife Marianne Gracie, Dan Severn, other opponents, etc.

In today’s age of star fighters such as Georges St-Pierre, Cain Velasquez, and Anderson Silva, it seems as if legendary fighters like Royce Gracie are often forgotten. Thankfully, UFC has put out a tremendous documentary/special about the legendary fighter’s career. If you are a UFC fan unfamiliar with Gracie or have seen little of his matches, this disc is essential viewing. Not only do you get to see how he essentially revolutionized the sport, but you also get to see some of the best submissions and chokeouts in UFC history. Just look at the fight between Gracie and Severn to get a taste of Gracie’s impressive takedowsn and submissions. To put it simply, Gracie was a flat-out skilled, fearless, and confident fighter that was in a league of his own and I’m glad there’s a disc like this to celebrate his legacy.

Summary: “UFC: Ultimate Royce Gracie” is an engrossing well-made documentary that covers Gracie’s life and achievements. Highly recommended. 

Note: Both the DVD and Blu-ray sets are in a book form case. They also both contain a 16 page booklet featuring pictures, a bio, an essay of sorts, and stats.


The widescreen picture quality for the DVD varies in quality since the actual footage varies in quality. Naturally, the newly shot interviews look better than the home video and classic UFC fights. If you want the highest quality picture quality, however, the Blu-ray disc is the way to go. The interviews and more recent fight footage look crystal clear in hi-def.

The Dolby Digital Stereo audio track for both the DVD and Blu-ray is satisfactory. The interviewees, narration, fights all sound clear (even moreso on the Blu-ray). 

* UFC.Com ad.
* Full fights of Royce Gracie facing off against Art Jimmerson, Ken Shamrock (twice), Gerard Gordeau, Minoki Ichihara, Jason DeLucia, Remo Pardoel, Patrick Smith, Kimo Leopoldo, Ron Van Clief, Keith Hackney, Dan Severn, Nobuhiko Takada, Kazushi Sakuraba, Hidehiko Yoshida, and Matt Hughes. Highlights here include the epic battle with Dan Severn and the 90 minute plus fight with Kazushi Sakuraba. Even though Gracie lost the fight to Kazushi, it was an incredible display of stamina and strength as it was one of the longest fights in modern MMA history.
* The 3 minute UFC Hall Of Fame Induction Award to Royce Gracie.

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