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The King’s Speech DVD

The Kings Speech cover“The King’s Speech has remarkable performances and tells a remarkable true story.

Anchor Bay has done a great job on this DVD that stars Oscar Winner Colin Firth as the reluctant King George, Geoffrey Rush as his unconventional speech therapist, and Helen Bonham Carter as “The Queen Mother”.  It is an inspiring story of the “other brother”  to Britain’s playboy heir apparent, King Edward (Guy Pierce), who abdicated his throne to marry a divorced American in the late 1930’s, and forced his brother to take the throne instead.  Having a bad stutter since childhood did nothing for the Prince’s confidence until his wife finds Lionel Logue (Rush), an unusual but effective therapist who had treated Australian soldiers for shell shock during World War I.   This historical drama portrays the Prince as a stubborn but frustrated man not at all relishing the fact that he may be King. Firth’s portrayal is worthy of his Oscar; such intensity and skill in the role is a real treasure. Helen Bonham Carter’s role as the future Queen gives rare insight into her role as wife and mother to Anne and Elizabeth, while trying her best to give support  to her husband.

Extras on this single dvd include speeches from the real King George, including some rare filmed footage of one of his speeches at the end of World War II; a fascinating look at the real Lionel Logue as told by his grandson, commentary from Director Tom Hooper, a making of featurette, and interviews with cast and crew.  It’s a good package of extras for a single DVD.

Winning best picture and actor at this year’s academy Awards, it is easy to recommend this film to anyone who appreciates good cinema.

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