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Tron: Legacy / Tron: The Original Classic (Five-Disc Combo: Blu-ray 3D / Blu-ray / DVD / Digital Copy)

Tron Blu-Ray cover

Disney adds value to its Blu-ray versions of the original “Tron” and “Tron:Legacy” with a giant 5 disc set.

The original “Tron” was an unusual film for its time and featured state of the art effects for 1982.  Of course by now those effect look almost primitive in comparison with todays CGI but it is a ground breaking film in other ways as well.  Never before had someone suggested that life might be lurking in all those chips until this film, made even more credible by its star , Jeff Bridges.  The original creators took a simple plot in a totally new environment and gave the audience a feast for the eyes we would not forget.  Enter 2011 and the new technology of 3-D in theaters and in homes and you have the makings for a sequel like no other.  Add to that the exceptional Disney technology and you have a winner.

Sure, greater movies have been written but I doubt many who went to the theater or will buy this on blu-ray are buying it for the writing.  They want to see stunning visuals and in that department “Tron: Legacy” delivers.

My suggestions is to watch the original “Tron” on blu-ray first.  The picture is a good as they could make it without the film’s flaws distracting too much in the high definition format.  Some original flaws with the film processing are still present but the writers actually made the “flashing” during the film part of the plot as an effect of the environment. The original film’s CGI looks positively cartoonish now , even though it has been restored beautifully,  and the film gives good background for the viewing of “Tron: Legacy.”

“Tron:Legacy” has Jeff Bridges son inside the computer looking for his Dad, who has been trapped inside for 20 years.  The newer effects are a real treat in 2-D or 3-D and those of you lucky enough to have a 3-D setup at home will not be disappointed in the disc presentation.  The soundtrack by Daft Punk synchronizes beautifully with the film.  The disc has a 7.1 DTS-MA soundtrack and uses all those channels if yu have that setup.  Disney continues to be one of the leaders in blu-ray technology discs and home entertainment.

Other extras on the blu-ray disc include iPad interaction, what happens the day after to Flynn, cast inteviews, the filmmakers presentations at Comic-Con, Visualizing Tron-How the world of Tron was visually created, a first look at “Tron:Uprising”, a Disney animated series, a music video from Daft Punk, and a look at how writers created the story.  Add to this a dvd copy of “Tron: Legacy” and a digital copy and you have a powerful 5 disc package. NOTE: The original “Tron” only comes on blu-ray 2-D in this package.  It also includes over 5 hours of extras, including features on restoring the film for blu-ray.

Anyone who is a fan of the original “Tron” will really enjoy this package which includes both films in 2-D blu-ray, “Tron:Legacy” in 3-D, dvd and digital copy plus tons of extras.  A great value package from Disney.

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