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Tangled Blu-Ray plus DVD

Tangled Blu-Ray cover

Disney’s 50th animated film is a good representation of how Disney has evolved the heros and heroines.

Starring the voice talents of Zach Levi (Chuck) and Mandy Moore (A Walk To Remember) this computer animated title is a thing of beauty to watch on Blu-Ray.  Although the characters specifically lack some detail: I believe this was done by the animators to make sure the youngest in the audience know that this is a fairy tale (a retelling of Rapunzel).  The main characters lack detail in their skin and anatomy.  (Rapunzel definitely looks much more doll like than realistically human). The Disney artists have evolved in the computer medium painting a gorgeous canvas worthy of the best animated titles.  I especially liked the village dancing scene; lots of action going on and a very entertaining highlight.  The scene at the tavern is also good for its songs, dance and humor.

While there is much to like about the film, you get a distinct feeling of Deja Vu while watching.  Many of the “Princess” plots from Disney’s other films have been reworked and the snappier, upbeat dialog reminded me of bits from “Beauty and The Beast” and “Little Mermaid”.  The villain was also a  bit softer in this one; more humorous than anything else.

The main highlight is the chemistry between the boy and girl and is entertaining throughout, from the first thrown frypan.  Rapunzel is stronger than you’d expect (with her superpower hair) and the hero Flynn is a bit more of a dork than usual.  The supporting animal characters also have some good gags in the film, especially the horse.

Extras include a casual feature on the film’s making starring Zach Levi and Mandy Moore, who trade quips throughout the special. Other extras include some lengthy deleted scenes with dialog but mostly presented in pencil sketch form, and the original storybook opening.  THe included dvd has just the extra storybook opening as an extra.

This film produces a lot of smiles which is what Disney is all about. I can recommend this film highly as a great example of modern Disney animation at its finest.

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