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The Man From Nowhere Blu-ray Review

“The Man From Nowhere” is well-made, but it’s a fairly straight forward revenge film.

The plot: A pawn shop owner (Cha Tae-shik) with a mysterious past becomes entangled with the police and drug traffickers when his neighbor friend (a litle girl named So-mi) and her drug addicted mother are kidnapped. Angry beyond belief, Cha Tae-shik sets out to find So-mi and seek revenge against those who have kidnapped her.

After receiving rave reviews from fellow film critics and film buffs, I was curious to check out “The Man From Nowhere”. Unfortunately, I can’t quite understand why the film was heaped with praise. Granted, it’s a well-made, well acted film that boasts some fantastic shootouts and knife fights, but at the end of the day, it’s just another blood-soaked revenge story. Sure, there’s some interesting lead character revelations that are slowly revealed throughout the overlong running time, but to me, the film simply felt like a knock-off of the vastly superior “Leon: The Professional”. In fact, the entire film felt like a collection of scenes from other revenge flicks which is partially why I was never fully engrossed by the story.

Summary: “The Man From Nowhere” might be worth a rent, but it’s nothing to ride home about.

The widescreen picture quality lives up to Blu-ray standards. It’s a solid transfer that I’m sure is an improvement over the DVD version.

This Blu-ray disc contains English and Korean DTS-HD 5.1 and English and Korean Dolby Digital 2.0 audio tracks. The English dub is weak. This isn’t an anime series, but it sounds like the voice actors are acting as if it is. The Korean DTS-HD 5.1 audio track is the only way to go here.

* Well Go USA Entertainment trailers including a teaser and trailer for  “The Man From Nowhere”.
* “Highlights”- A 5 minute highlight reel containing the most memorable moments.
* A “Making Of” that includes fight and stunt rehearsals and behind-the-scenes set footage.

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