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Archer Season 1 DVD Review

“Archer” has yet to hit its stride.

“Archer” is an animated spy spoof that revolves around a secret agent named Sterling Archer who works for a company named ISIS. Other key characters (who also happen to work at ISIS) are Archer’s ex-girlfriend Lana, his mother Malory, and an accountant named Cyril. In the 10 episodes of season 1, viewers can expect stories about a new agent, a Lana rescue mission, Archer working for another company named ODIN, Archer’s family, rivalries with ODIN, a bomb, blackmail, an assassination plot, and plenty of scenes involving Archer and his mom squabbling.

When I heard that Adam Reed (the creative mind behind the hilarious “Sealab 2021” and “Frisky Dingo”) was creating a new show, I was immediately interested. Unfortunately, this spy spoof is nowhere near as funny as his past work. Granted, the show has some amusing absurd, random humor (like a Lemur) and sexual innuendos, but that’s not enough. I think the problem with “Archer” is the lack of really memorable characters. While Sterling Archer is easily the most amusing character in the show, he’s certainly no Killface or Captain Murphy. Heck, he’s not even Hesh.

Another issue could possibly be the 22 minute format. Reed’s past shows worked wonders in the 11 minute format, but with 22 minutes it feels like Reed is really stretching out the plot and jokes.

Summary: “Archer” never lives up to its potential. Perhaps the series will improve in season 2 (which just started on the FX channel).

The animation looks a lot better than it does on TV. The series is presented in 1.78:1 widescreen. As for the Dolby Digital 5.1 audio track, it is solid all around.

* FX trailers.
* Unaired pilot for “Archer.”
* The pilot episode for “The League.” The premise is ripe for a sitcom but the execution leaves a lot to be desired.
* 2 minutes of deleted scenes.
* Unaired network promo.
* “The Making Of Archer” covers the animation, art direction, storyboards, 3D, illustrations and backgrounds.

* “Louie” pilot episode. Your opinion of this show will probably depend on your opinion of Louis C.K.

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