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Family Guy: It’s A Trap Blu-ray Review

“It’s A Trap” isn’t as amusing as “Blue Harvest” or “Something, Something, Something Dark Side.”

In the third and apparently last “Star Wars” “Family Guy” episode, it’s clear that the writers have run out of ideas. Ironically, and somewhat amusingly, they even mock “It’s A Trap” in the opening scroll. The problem is that this particular episodes follows “Return Of The Jedi” a little too closely. There aren’t as many asides as in the first two. Sure, there are still some laugh out loud funny bits here such as the “A Christmas Story” gag, the Consuela droid, and the greatest nodding sequence of all time, but other than that, I felt a bit let down by this one (especially after seeing the funny third “Robot Chicken Star Wars”).

Another issue I had was the use of “American Dad” and ‘The Cleveland Show” characters. As someone who does not care for those shows, I was a bit annoyed to see unfunny characters from those shows appear here. I realize they’re all part of the same universe, but if I wanted to watch those characters, I’d watch those shows. There were still plenty of characters in the “Family Guy” universe that could have been used in place of the spin-off show characters.

Summary: While still worth seeing, “It’s A Trap” doesn’t hold a candle to the first and best of the trilogy- “Blue Harvest”. Worth a rent or perhaps a buy if you want to complete the trilogy collection.

The 1.78:1 1080p picture quality is even better than the last 2 “Family Guy Star Wars” releases. The 5.1 DTS-HD audio track hits all the right notes. The music, voice work, sound f/x are all fantastic.

* DVD and digital copy.
* Fox ads.
* BD-Live capabilities.
* A voicemail from Darth Stewie to Luke.

* “Star Wars Trivial Pursuit: The Ultimate Championship”- 4 writers of “Family Guy” play the “Star Wars Trivial Pursuit” game. Not very exciting. It just seems like an ad for the game.
* “Drawing With Peter Shin”- Supervising director Peter Shin shows how he draws characters.
* “Sock Puppet Outtakes”- Just like it says.
* 39 minutes of animatics. 

* “Making The Scene”- Peter Shin guides viewers through two scenes from animatic to the final scene.
* Commentary by Seth MacFarlane, David A. Goodman, Shannon Smith, Peter Shin and Cherry Chevapravatdumrong. Not on par with past “Family Guy” commentaries.

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