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Machete Blu-ray Review

“Machete” is a huge disappointment.

The plot: Machete Cortez is living a hellish life. Not only were his wife and child killed by a drug lord, but he is double crossed by a businessman and politican and left for dead. Pissed off, Machete decides to get revenge against those who wronged him. Aiding him in his quest are a priest (Padre), a taco truck owner/rebel (Luz), and an immigration officer (Sartana).

Going into 2010, “Machete” was one of my most anticipated films. I was a huge fan of the trailer from “Grindhouse” and couldn’t see any way that this film could not be fun. I was sadly mistaken. “Machete” does not live up to the trailer at all due to a sloppy and unfocused script by Robert and Alvaro Rodriguez. The movie is just a mess from start to finish. There are too many characters, too many subplots, and too many pointless aside conversations. It was as if Rodriguez didn’t edit a single second of footage out of the film. I was constantly shaking my head wondering why bodyguard characters or Lohan’s character were even in the film at all. They served no real purpose to the main story.

Speaking of the main story, the film doesn’t even have enough Machete for my taste. Granted, Danny Trejo kicks butt in the action scenes and also has some great one-liner deliveries (like “Machete don’t text”), but he’s not on screen as much as he should be.

Summary: Buy “Grindhouse” and skip “Machete.” Let’s hope the sequel (if there will be one) will be better than this slop.

Like the “Grindhouse” Blu-ray picture quality, the 1.85:1 1080p picture quality on “Machete” is flat-out great. Viewers should know that the opening sequence has the “Grindhouse” look to it (ala scratches, dirt, and lines). The rest of the film, however, has none of that and looks fantastic. The colors are particularly impressive.

The 5.1 DTS-HD audio track is solid, but I did notice that the score/music overpowers the dialogue at times.

* Digital copy.
* Fox trailers including two for “Machete.”
* BD-Live capabilities.
* 10 deleted scenes.

* Audience reaction track to give viewers the feeling of being in a theater.

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