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The Twilight Zone Season 2 Blu-ray Review

“The Twilight Zone” season 2 Blu-ray belongs in everyone’s collection.

“The Twilight Zone” is one of those rare classic television shows that stands the test of time. Not only is it a smart, original television series, but it’s also one of the most influential shows. Why you may ask? Because of the writing. Each episode is essentially a clever sci-fi morality tale written by some of the finest writers (namely Rod Serling and Richard Matheson). The writer’s talents are never more evident than in the 29 second season of the legendary sci-fi anthology series.

Personally, I feel the second season represents “The Twilight Zone” at its best. Not only did the show really start to hit its stride here, but it also churned out some of the series best episodes. You’ve got the suspenseful alien episode “The Invaders,” the mysterious time travel adventures of “A Hundred Yards Over The Rim” and “The Odyssey Of Flight 33,” the fear/William Shatner centric “Nick Of Time,” and the twist filled classics “Eye Of The Beholder” and “Will The Real Martian Please Stand Up?” All of these episodes are classics that people rightfully still talk about to this day which is a rarity to say the least. These days, shows come and go, but rarely does a show have such a cultural impact that it continues to thrive over time. “The Twilight Zone” is that type of show and deservedly so.

Summary: “The Twilight Zone” is one of the greatest shows in television history and the second season is one of the best. This set gets my highest recommendation.

The season is presented in 1.33:1 1080p. If I could use one word to describe the picture quality it would be wow. This is hands down one of the best digital remastered jobs I have seen. I was blown away by how much more detailed everything looked. For instance, in the episode “Eye Of The Beholder,” I found myself mesmerized by the lighting, shadows, and the details on the bandages. Sure, you can find faults with the presence of dirt specs every now and then, but I can easily forgive that flaw for the spectacular prints here.

Viewers have the option of listening to the remastered audio track or the original audio track. Naturally, the remastered tracks sound crisp and clear. It honestly sounded as if they were re-recorded by the actors it was that good. The original tracks are less refined and somewhat scratchy in parts but purists may prefer these tracks.


* 15 radio dramas for the episodes “The Man In The Bottle,” “Nervous Man In A Four Dollar Room,” “The Howling Man,” “Nick Of Time,” “The Lateness Of The Hour,” “The Trouble With Templeton,” “The Night Of The Meek,” “Back There,” “The Whole Truth,” “The Odyssey Of Flight 33,” “Static,” “A Hundred Yards Over The Rim,” “The Silence,” “Will The Real Martian Please Stand Up?”, and “The Obsolete Man.” As a radio drama fan, I can honestly say these audio adaptations of the episodes are generally quite impressive. My personal favorites are ‘Martian’ and ‘Bottle’ which feature some great voice acting work.
* 22 episodes contain isolated music scores.
* Sponsor billboards for 26 of the episodes.
* A whopping 32 commentary tracks. Some episodes (such as “The Eye Of The Beholder,” “The Invaders,” and “The Prime Mover”) have multiple commentary tracks. Commentaries include everyone from comic book writers (Len Wein and Marv Wolfman), actors (Bill Mumy, Cliff Robertson and Dennis Weaver), authors (Gary Gerani and Jim Benson), and even “Mad Men” showrunner Matthew Weiner.
* Audio and video interviews with actors Buzz Kulik, Joseph Ruskin, Douglas Heyes, H.M. Wynant, George Clayton Johnson in which they talk about acting, “Twilight Zone,” etc. Also included are interviews with Rod Serling’s brother Robert Serling, ‘Zone’ cinemtographer George T. Clemens, and ‘Zone’ makeup artist William Tuttle.
* Original production slates for “The Lateness Of The Hour,” “The Night Of The Meek,” “The Whole Truth,” “Twenty-Two,” “Static,” “Long Distance Call,”
* The Rod Sterling scripted episode of “Suspense” titled “Nightmare At Ground Zero” about a scientist trying to kill his wife. A solid episode but it’s definitely not on par with any ‘Zone’ episode.

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