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Sherlock Season One Blu-Ray

Sherlock BBC coverThe BBC updates the famed detective with this modern interpretation of Holmes and Watson, set in modern day London.  Holmes, played passionately by Benedict Cumberbatch is faithful to the character, with Martin Freeman as Watson.  This 3 episode set stays faithful to the stories that have appealed to millions for a century while updating the settings and equipment used to solve the crimes.  Yes, Holmes using texting and the Internet in this series but don’t let that put you off, as the series is fast paced, filled with wit and humor.

The pilot show features how Holmes meets Watson and they come to live at 221 B Baker Street together while solving 4 suicide cases.  Watson is struggling with war nightmares from Afghanistan when he meets Holmes and soon they are partnering in solving the crime.  LeStrade is also on board and is just as helpless as he has always been, using Holmes as a consultant to solve the crimes.  Another modern element that is introduced in the series is a teasing relationship between Holmes and a medical lab assistant, which gets a humorous take when they are playing scenes together. Moriarity makes his first appearance in episode 3, although he’s had a hand in all three season one episodes.

The real endorsement of the series though came when my wife, who is not a big Holmes fan or television series fan, sat down to watch an episode and after 15 minutes said she really liked it.

The blu-ray picture is razor sharp.  Extras include commentary on two episodes from cast and crew, the original 60 minute pilot, and a 30 minute making of documentary.  It does not include any picture in picture or “live” features on the blu-ray.

Holmes fans will cheer this modern version of the detective.  The fast paced series has a lot of replay value and is an intelligent update to the world’s most famous detective.

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