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The Possession Of David O’Reilly and The Hunger: Taste Of Terror DVD Reviews


“The Possession Of David O’Reilly” is a poorly executed horror flick.

“The Hunger” is not one of the better horror anthology series.

The plot: After David O’Reilly is dumped by his girlfriend, he decides stays at with his friend (and his girlfriend) for a night. While there, David begins to fall apart as he believes he is being followed/haunted by strange creatures/monsters/demons. Is he telling the truth or is he going mad? That is the question.

On paper, ‘Possession’ sounds like a promising horror chiller in the vein of “Paranormal Activity,” but unfortunately, the amateur direction/cinematography winds up making the film downright unwatchable. I just don’t understand what directors Andrew Cull and Steve Isles and cinematographer Nic Lawson were thinking when they shot this film. Not only are there too many nauseating handheld shot variations (such as the multiple POV shots) that confuse the viewer, but the camera often lingers on areas where nothing happens. To say the film has filler is an understatement which is ridiculous for a film with a relatively short length. Additionally, the cinematographer makes the mistake of going overboard with extreme close-ups. This proved to be very problematic when the characters are running around as you can’t tell where they are or what is happening on screen. It’s a flat-out glaring and frustrating framing error.

To add insult to injury, the movie has no character. It’s a straight-up gimmicky film that has no room for character which makes caring about anyone on screen impossible. It also makes any attempt at suspense impossible.

About the only thing ‘Possession’ has going for it is the noteworthy creature f/x work. It’s especially impressive considering the limited budget the crew had to work with.

Summary: I wish I could be more charitable to this British indie film, but everything falls flat here. Avoid.


The 2.35:1 anamorphic widescreen picture quality is merely OK due to the poor cinematography/direction/lighting.

The Dolby Digital 5.1 audio track sounds like a Mono track in parts due to the low sounding dialogue.

The only extras are trailers for “Mutants,” “Don’t Look Back,” “The Horde,” “Map Of The Sounds Of Tokyo,” and “The Possession Of David O’Reilly.”

“The Hunger,” for those that don’t know is an artsy, erotic horror anthology British/Canadian series that aired on Showtime. This DVD set contains 6 episodes. The first 3 episodes are from season 1 and are hosted by Terrence Stamp. The other 3 episodes are from season 2 and are hosted by David Bowie. The  6 episodes episodes (titled “The Swords,” “Menage A Trois,” “Necros,” “Sanctuary,” “Skin Deep,” and “Dream Sentinel”) involve an exotic dancer who can be stabbed by swords without dying, an odd living arrangement between a nurse, an older woman, and a handyman played by Daniel Craig, a strange relationship between a goldigger woman who appears to be cheating on a creepy old lover, an artist taking in a drifter, a woman and a stripper, and a ghost and a stripper.

As a horror anthology junkie, I was looking forward to checking out “The Hunger” series. After all, with notable cast members (such as Daniel Craig, Eric Roberts, Karen Black, and Giovanni Ribisi) and high-profile producers (Ridley Scott and Tony Scott) one would think that “The Hunger” would at least be worth your time. Alas, the end result leaves much to be desired. The real problem with the series is that a majority of the stories aren’t remotely interesting. They weren’t erotic or horrifying. In fact, most of them were downright dull and irritating (thanks to the awful flashy, choppy editing style). The only story that piqued my interest is the David Bowie/Giovanni Ribisi starring “Sanctuary” which had a unique story and great acting to boot. Too bad the other stories weren’t like that…

The 1.33:1 fullscreen picture quality is fine. The colors are sharp throughout. The Dolby Digital audio track is hit-and-miss. The music is nice and loud, but the dialogue is low in places.

The only extras are three E1 entertainment movie trailers.

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