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The Search For Santa Paws Blu-ray Review

Like “Santa Buddies,” “The Search For Santa Paws” is just for the kids.

“The Search For Santa Paws” is a follow-up to “Santa Buddies,” only the buddies aren’t in this particular sequel. Instead, the story revolves around Santa and his puppy pal Paws who travel to New York to spread the Christmas spirit. Unfortunately, problems arise when Santa loses his memory after being hit by a car and Paws gets separated from him. The movie also has two other crucial plots. The first involves a grandson (and his wife) taking over a toy store run by his late grandfather Hucklebuckle (who was a friend of Santa). The second involves two orphan girls who are in a joyless foster home run a mean, strict lady. Naturally, these three stories intersect in a predictable manner.

While adults (like myself) may feel ‘Santa Paws’ is an overly sentimental, predictable, Christmas flick filled with obnoxious musical numbers, that’s beside the point since adults are not the target audience for this particular film. This is a movie strictly for young children and children will undoubtedly enjoy the talking dog characters and cutesy moments that ‘Paws’ provides. Plus, I’m sure the film will help kids get into the Christmas spirit.

Summary: By now, it’s clear that the ‘Buddies’ franchise has been a proven hit amongst children and the franchise shows no signs of slowing down as there seems to be an installment every year. I’m sure this time next year we will see another holiday themed ‘Paws’ or ‘Buddies’ film that will make adults groan and kids jump with joy.

The 1.78:1 1080p picture quality is good. The colors are noticeably sharp and that’s all you can ask for with a title like this. As for the audio, I had no issues with the 5.1 DTS-HD audio track. It does its job.

Extras on both the Blu-ray and DVD digital copy include trailers for other Disney titles, a a sing-along mode, a music video for “Deck The Halls” by Debby Ryan, nearly 12 minutes of deleted scenes and “The Hucklebuckle Hero” which is a animated pop-up storybook told by he Buddies.

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