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Best Worst Movie DVD Review

“Best Worst Movie” is an interesting exploration of the “Troll 2” phenomenon.

For those that are unaware, “Best Worst Movie” is a documentary about the “so-bad-it’s good” cult classic “Troll 2.” Former “Troll 2” child actor Michael Paul Stephenson is the director and his aim is to not only explore the popularity of the film, but to catch up with the cast and crew members of the legendary bad film. The bulk of the film focuses on the actor turned dentist George Hardy who played Michael’s father in “Troll 2.” Through his eyes, we learn about the “Troll 2” fandom via special screenings and parties across the U.S. There are also several scenes involving re-enactments of famous scenes at the shooting locations in Utah.

The real meat of the film, however, deals with a few of the cast/crew members (namely actress Margo Prey, eccentric actor Don Packard and Italian writer/director Claudio Fragasso). Along with learning about how “Troll 2” affected their life, we see what these people are like in real life. Margo Prey and Don Packard in particular are very interesting, eccentric, and mysterious people who seem to have had some hard luck in their lives. Prey doesn’t seem to know much about the newfound success of the film and believes “Troll 2” is similar to a Bogart/Hepburn movie. As for Packard, he didn’t seem to enjoy his experience on set, but he sure did have a blast at a screening where he was treated like a rock star. It just goes to show that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.

As for Claudio Fragasso, I have to say I was somewhat confused by this certain individual as he often contradicted himself. In certain scenes, he seems to be angry, defensive, and in denial or doesn’t quite understand that people embrace “Troll 2” as a bad movie classic. In other scenes, he is just happy to have made an impression on people even if it wasn’t for the reasons he intended. Regardless of whether or not things might have been lost in translation for him, I found his particular take on the phenomenon to be the most fascinating element of the entire documentary as you are never quite sure what he thinks. 

Interesting elements aside, there is one aspect of the film that I found both unnecessary and rather insulting. While some of the cast members are at a horror convention, they start making harsh, judgmental comments about the attendees and horror fans in general. Personally, I found this to be very off putting and it took me out of the movie because it served no purpose whatsoever. Plus, it made the cast look like a bunch of jerks.

Summary: Despite not being the best worst movie (that would be “The Room”), “Troll 2” is still undeniably one of the best worst movies and this documentary does a fine job in depicting the appeal of the cult classic.

The picture quality gets a solid B ratings while the Dolby Digital 5.1 audio track gets a B- due to the interviewee’s dialogue sounding a tad bit low for my taste. A 2.0 Stereo track is also included.


* Monstrous music video and a “Troll 2” rap.
* Michael Paul Stephenson bio.
* Docudrama trailers (including one for “Best Worst Movie”).
* 82 minutes of audio of a creative screenwriting filmmaker Q&A with George Hardy and Michael Paul Stephenson.
* 9 deleted scenes that include more Fagasso, Don Packard, the goblin actors, screenings, the Fearfest convention, the dentist office,

* A public service announcemtn from George Hardy.
* A fan film reenactment.
* An interview with the Goblin Queen Deborah Reed who was strangely not in the film.
* George Hardy and Michael Paul Stephenson’s appearance on the Reel Good Show

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