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Night Of The Demons Blu-ray Review

“Night Of The Demons” is another lousy horror remake.

The plot: A woman named Angela throws a party on Halloween night at the Broussard Family Mansion (which has a spooky history). After the party gets shut down by the cops, 7 stragglers remain as they become trapped into the house due to a locked front gate entrance. From there on out things only get worse when the 7 discover skeletal corpses (one of which bites Angela). Angela in turn becomes possessed by a demon- a demon that wants infect the others.

“Night Of The Demons,” which was originally going to be released theatrically, has been sitting on the shelf for awhile before it finally received a Direct-To-DVD release. It’s not hard to see why it never went to the theaters. ‘Demons’ is everything wrong with remakes rolled into one. Granted, the film has a solid cast of horror genre veterans such as Edward Furlong, Shannon Elizabeth, Monica Keena and Bobbi Sue Luther, but the writers and director are clearly more concerned with gore, sex, and flashy music video esque direction than they are with the script here. Not only does this remake script go with a different backstory and story set-up, but it also has to be one of the most poorly thought out scripts in recent memory. Virtually every character action and plot element is entirely nonsensical. The fact that the characters couldn’t jump over the locked gate (which isn’t that tall) made me lose all hope and faith in both the characters and the movie. In fact, the only thing I DID like about this movie were the references to “Saw” and “Hatchet.”

Summary: See the original “Night Of The Demons” films instead. They have better characters, better atmosphere, and more suspsense and scares. Basically, they’re just better all around.        

The 1.78:1 1080p picture quality is grainy and the dark lighting doesn’t help either. Sure, the colors are rich but it never looked like an HD transfer to me

5.1 DTS-HD For such a loud movie filled with blaring music, screaming, and shouting, this 5.1 DTS-HD audio track is rather flat.  

* Trailers for other E1 films and a trailer for “Night Of The Demons.”
* “Behind The Bloodbath: A Look Inside Night Of The Demons” includes cast/crew interviews, set footage, discussions about the original and the remake.
* Comic Con 2010 Introduction with writer Jace Anderson and writer/director Adam Gierasch briefly chat about the movie to a camera at San Diego Comic Con.
* Commentary by John F. Beach, Adam Gierasch, Jace Anderson, Bobbi Sue Luther and Monica Keena. Unless you want to hear more about the production, there’s no need to listen to this track.

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