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The Human Centipede Blu-ray Review

“The Human Centipede” is a pointless shock-fest.

Logline: An insane surgeon obssessed with creating a “siamese triplet via the gastric system” kidnaps two women and a Japanese man to carry out his sick dream project.

I’m not going to beat around the bush here- “The Human Centipede” is a pointless, scare-free torture porn film built around a gross-out gimmick that has managed to make it a phenomenon in the horror community. Sure, its premise is different than say “Hostel” or “Saw,” but the difference between ‘Centipede’ and “Saw” is that “Saw” actually has a moral to the story. There is no real moral to ‘Centipede’ unless you consider the cliched opening sequence of two women foolishly looking for help in the middle of nowhere a lesson (I don’t).

Another major issue I had was that the screenplay is just flat out stupid. There’s rarely an intelligent character action in the entire film. Why do the abductees rarely look for weapons to fight the mad surgeon off? Why does the surgeon act so suspicious around the police officers? Why are the police officers so careless? The list goes on.

Summary: If you like sick, twisted, gross, repugnant, demented films or are curious about “The Human Centipede,” you may want to give it a rent. Otherwise, there’s no need to see this gimmicky film.


No problems with the 1.78:1 1080p picture quality. This is a good transfer all around thanks to some stand-out cinematography (which is probably the best thing about the film).

The PCM 2.0 audio track is pretty basic. It does its job, but you’re not getting a hi def track here. It should be noted that it can be hard to hear Dieter Laser’s lines sometimes because he speaks quietly in certain parts of the film.

* IFC Film trailers.
* “The Human Centipede” trailer.
* 1 deleted scene.
* Alternate poster gallery.
* Casting tapes for Ashley C. Williams and Ashlynn Yennie.

* Foley session (Sound F/X).
* An interview with director Tom Six in which he talks about the concept, the cast, audience reaction, the sequel, etc.
* A collection of Behind The Scenes set footage.

* Commentary by writer/director Tom Six. If you really want to know more about the production, feel free to listen to this track.

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