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The Power

The Power dvd coverWarner Archive brings us another George Pal science fiction production from the 60’s, “The Power”, starring George Hamilton, Suzanne Pleshette, Michael Rennie and Richard Carlson, the last two being sci-fi veterans. Rennie of course became famous for his role as Klaatu in the original “Day The Earth Stood Still”, and Carlson for a number of 50’s sci-fi classics.  Costars include the under appreciated Arthur O’Connell as an absent minded genius, Yvonne De Carlo as his wife, Neahmiah Persoff as an eccentric scientist, a young Earl Holliman as Hamilton’s partner, and Gary Merrill as the gruff detective.

The story takes place at a government institution that experiments on mental abilities in preparation for space travel.  Hamilton points out that his experiments test the human endurance factors, such as heat and cold, using young, starving college students as test subjects.  But when the scientists start dying and Hamilton’s creditials are suddenly missing, he believes someone in the scientific group is causing this through mind control.  At this point, the film becomes a sci-fi who-dun-it, with Hamilton and Pleshette struggling to find out who it is before it’s too late.

Pal manages to sneak in some of his trademark puppetoon actions, when Hamilton passes by a toy store.  The rest of the effects are really pretty good for a mid 60’s film.  The color is a bit faded but the film look is clean and sharp.

This dvd is only available through Warner Archive, on a made to order basis.  If you’s like a copy, go to Warnerarchive.com and order a copy.

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