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Sherlock Holmes Double Feature-Sherlock Holmes in Washington/Sherlock Holmes Faces Death

sherlock holmes double featureIn the 40’s, Basil Rathbone was Sherlock Holmes and Nigel Bruce was Dr. Watson.  These two talented actors portrayed the literary detective in a series of Sherlock Holmes films, many produced during the war years.  The scripts were updated that took Holmes out of Victorian England, to modern England, bringing a contemporary twist to the characters. 

MPI has released these films as double features, since most were quickly produced, some coming in at a little over an hour in length.  There have many releases of these films on dvd over the years but these are the ones to get if you are fan of the series.  MPI got the 35 mm prints that have been restored for these dvds, and they look great.  If you have been disappointed by some of the other editions that have been around, these transfers are the best its going to get.

This dvd set contains the two films, “Sherlock Holmes in Washington”, which has a definite World War II flavor to it, including some not so subtle propaganda script lines spouted by Holmes.  In this film, Holmes is called to Washington to help smash a Nazi spy ring and recover important documents critical to the war effort in England.  The second film, “Sherlock Holmes Faces Death” has Holmes and Watson in a more traditional setting as they investigate strange events at “Musgrave Manor”,  based on an original Conan Doyle story. This film costars Hillary Brooke as Sally Musgrave.

Extras are minimal but you still get audio commentary on “Faces Death” and a picture gallery.

For Holmes fans, these newly remastered and restored dvds are a must have.  Take your other collections to the pawn shop, these double features from MPI are the ones to own.

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