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Chuck-The Complete Third Season Blu-Ray

Chuck The Complete Third Season Blu-Ray“Chuck” is one of those shows that has failed to evolve much in three seasons.  It was teetering on cancellation at the end of last season with only thirteen episodes ordered for season 3 but for once, NBC had the balls to keep it on all season.  What that meant to season three viewers was two season finales, one where Sarah(Yvonne Strahovski) and Chuck(Zachary Levi) finally realize their relationship (with mixed audience results) and another involving Chuck’s dad, played by guest star Scott Baccula and a showdown with this season’s arch enemies, The Ring.  Brandon Routh guest stars for much of the season as a spy that also has a romantic interest in Sarah, which keeps nerdy Chuck in competition for Sarah’s affection.

Chuck also has the ability to use an Intersect, a computer program fused into his brain, to “flash” and have abilities we’ve not seen before this season.  Their is more comedy from the Buy More gang of nerds, Kristin Kruek (Smallville)  guests in a few episodes as a romantic interest of Chuck’s early in the season, which really doesn’t go anywhere, and Chuck’s brother-in-law and sister also get involved in a bit of spying.

Extras on the blu-ray set include a mockumentary on “Jeffster”, which is a hoot, a gag reel, and some deleted scenes.  Fans will want more. The picture is sharp and clear and the sound is a big improvement over television broadcast quality.

“Chuck-The Complete Third Season” is a mixed bag as far as plots go.  The characters have not evolved much in the three seasons but its still entertaining to watch; although most episodes are highly predictable.

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