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Smallville Season 9 Blu-ray Review

Fans will have much to love about the ninth season of “Smallville.”

The ninth season of episode is quite hectic for Clark and the gang. Among the season stories are: The arrival of Zod and a number of Kandorians, the reveal of the JSA, the development of Lois and Clark’s relationship, more Jor-El backstory, Chloe and Oliver Queen forming a romance, zombies, the mysterious Checkmate organization, surprise reveals about Tess, the introduction of DC universe characters Metallo, the Wonder Twins, Amanda Waller, Silver Banshee, and Maxwell Lord, and the return of some familiar faces such as Zatanna, Toyman, Perry White, and yes, even Martha Kent. The season contains 21 episodes since Absolute Justice is a 2 part episode.

In the ninth season of many shows, it’s evident that the writers are are running out of ideas, but that’s not the case with “Smallville.” For Smallville, the show is becoming MORE eventful as it progresses and moves forward to both the final season and Clark becoming Superman. For long-time fans of the show, the ninth season delivers so many things fans have been wanting and waiting to see. We see Clark embracing his destiny more and more, Clark engaging in an actual lengthy battle with Zod (a rarity for “Smallville”), the vision of Lois and Clark’s future in 2013, Clark teaming up with Hawkman, Dr. Fate, Stargirl, Martian Manhunter, Green Arrow to thwart a villain named Icicle, the continued development of Lois and Clark’s relationship, a lengthy flashback of Kandor, and even a fun episode with Lois and Clark at a comic convention. There’s just so many geektastic moments here for fans and even “Superman” comic readers.

Of course, the season is not flawless. There ae a couple of moments and episodes that I could have done without. I felt the writers went overboard with the “dark side” of Oliver Queen. They were clearly trying to hard to separate him from Clark. Additionally, the zombie episode felt like filler, “Conspiracy” was basically the annual “Saw” esque torture episode, “Escape” was a groan worthy romantic getaway episode, and “Upgrade” completely altered the character of Metallo in a way that does not fit the character whatsoever.

Summary: Season 9 of “Smallville” is easily the best season since 6. Pick it up before season 10 airs!


The 1.78:1 1080p picture quality is absolutely first rate. The show simply looks more cinematic on Blu-ray. Just look at the “Kandor” episode or “Absolute Justice” and see how striking the visuals are. Shows don’t look much better than this on Blu-ray.

Once again Warner, what’s with the Dolby Digital 5.1 audio track? This series screams for a TrueHD track. Don’t get me wrong, the track certainly puts your speakers to work, but it lacks the oomph that a TrueHD track offers  


* Deleted scenes on “Rabid,” “Roulette,” “Disciple,” “Persuasion,” “Conspiracy,” “Upgrade,” “Charade,” and “Salvation.” The only notable scene here is an alternate ending on “Upgrade” that would have improved that lackluster episode.
* Commentary on “Kandor” by Al Septien, Turi Meyer and Callum Blue. Lots of spoilery discussions about characters and story (in case you haven’t seen the season yet) and some enjoyable jokes by Callum.
* A lively commentary on “Idol” by Erica Durance, Kelly Souders, and Brian Peterson that covers everything from sets and filming a love scene to dialogue and character moments.
* “Kneel Before Zod”- A featurette on the Zod character in “Smallville,” the comics, and “Superman 2.” Interviews with the likes of Terrence Stamp and Richard Donner are included.
* A self-explanatory featurette titled “Absolute Justice: From Script To Screen”.
* BD-Live capabilities.

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