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$5 A Day Blu-Ray


Every year Hollywood cranks out a “road trip” picture with results that are sometimes good (Little Miss Sunshine)and sometimes really bad(College Road Trip).  This year we are treated to “$5 A Day”, which with its talented cast makes for an enjoyable movie experience.  Christopher Walken is in top form as a slick con man, who together with his son, Allesandro Nivola, accompanies him across country to New Mexico, where Walken, supposedly, is headed for medical treatment. Nivola has just lost his job because of his dad’s dealings so the trip has an undercurrent of tension from the start.  Along the way, money is tight so Walken comes up with a scheme to get by with the cash they have and obtain the rest of their needs and money for expenses through his usual huckster ways.  Nivola is leaving wife Amanda Peet, who is always good in comedy, and along the way they pick up Sharon Stone, who was an old babysitter of Nivola’s.  She is wise beyond her years and brings excellent chemistry to the film, helping both father and son better understand each other.  In the end, the ride is revealed to be much more than just a romp across the country and leaves the viewer with a great smile on their face.

The extras on the disc are nothing to get that excited about,; interviews with director and cast member but the movie itself should sell this disc.  If you are a Walken fan, a Sharon Stone fan, or just like a good road picture that leaves you smiling, I highly recommend this disc.

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