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The City of Your Final Destination DVD Review

The City of Your Final Destination is a moody drama starring Anthony Hopkins, Laura Linney, Charlotte Gainsbourg, and Omar Metwally.

After the death of author Jules Gund, a man by the name of Omar (Metwally) decides to write the man’s authorized biography. However, he receives a letter from Gund’s surviving family, the contents stating that he does not have permission permission to write the book. Encouraged by his girlfriend, Omar makes an unannounced trip to the Gund family’s estate, Ocho Rios, in Uruguay. The family, though put off by his abrupt and unwanted appearance at their private sanctuary, decide to let him stay.

Over the course of the film, Omar attempts to gain the trust and permission of the Gund family he needs in order to make his book a reality. Family secrets are revealed, games of love are played, and minor betrayals loom.

As is usually the case, Hopkins is great here, as are the rest of the cast. However, the film is a victim of what I call the “literary syndrome,” meaning, it takes itself so seriously and strives to maintain an air of beauty (and really, the cinematography here is great), that the film ends up suffering for it. The truth of the matter is, a film about a man trying to get permission to write a biography is just not interesting, or at least not in this case. The film is too slow-paced to hold the viewer’s interest, and the emotions experienced by the characters are never taken to a level inspiring a true connection with the audience.

Summary: The City of Your Final Destination isn’t bad, really; it’s just not that good either. It’d be a nice film to put on while drinking wine on a veranda, but it would have done well to have a bit more spice in it.

Overall Grade: C

Making-of the film
Director’s comments on select scenes

September 4, 2010 - Posted by | DVD review

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