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Being Human Season 1 Blu-ray Review

“Being Human” is a watchable supernatural TV series.

On paper, the premise of “Being Human” sounds like a corny, cheesy sitcom. After all, how can a show about a ghost (Annie), a werewolf (George), and a vampire (Mitchell) being roommates possibly be taken seriously? Surprisingly, however, this supernatural dramedy series is fresh and chalk full of surprises.

In the 6 episode season 1, viewers are essentially introduced to the three main characters. Episode plots involve Annie’s former fiancé, a vampire named Herrick who masquerades as a police sgt., Mitchell trying to control his urges for blood, George trying to avoid harming people when turning into a werewolf, and Annie struggling with being dead/a ghost and trying to find out how she died. There are also (expectedly) stories about other vampires, ghosts, and werewolves.

While not on the level with the likes of “Buffy The Vampire Slayer,” “Angel,” or even “True Blood,” “Being Human” is still an entertaining albeit cramped series. For a season that only has 6 episodes, it seems like there are 15 episodes worth of plots and subplots. It’s a VERY fast paced show with loads of characterization which is certainly the show’s strong suit. Seeing George, Annie, and Mitchell trying to live normal lives and not be monsters is how we (the audience) connect with these characters. Annie’s story is the most interesting here as ghost characters are not something that has been overexposed on television (yet).

On the downside, the show has a few bothersome qualities. As I noted above, there’s simply way too much going on which leaves little room for the series to breathe. Additionally, I felt the character of Herrick was rather annoying as he seemed to do nothing but talk the talk. Considering he does this a lot, it grew old fast. Lastly, maybe it was just me, but I thought the music score was distracting. It didn’t fit the series at all.

Summary: Flaws aside, “Being Human” is worth checking out. It’s not addicting television, but it might catch your interest if you dig supernatural creatures.

* On a side note, I have to say I found it odd that the pilot episode was not included on this set (not even as an extra). Granted, it is different in tone and contains two different actors, but it still fits into continuity.

The 1080i (not 1080p) widescreen picture quality has a few issues that I noticed. There were several times where I noticed strange image distortion probems when cutting from shot to shot. Other than that, the picture quality was generally crisp and clear although it would have been nice to see in 1080p instead.

The Dolby Digital Stereo audio track is rather flat for a Blu-ray title. Considering this set has no BR picture or audio quality, I have to wonder why it was released in Blu-ray at all?


* BBC trailers.
* A alternate scene, deleted scenes and extended scenes.
* Character profiles for the main and secondary characters that feature the actors and actresses talking about the characters they play or share the screen with.
* “Vamping It Up”- A featurette on the vampire’s way of life in the series.
* “Toby Whithouse On The Journey”- Whithouse talks about the pilot episode, BBC, fandom, season 1, the characters,
* “Locations”- A featurette on the sets and Bristol locations that the crew shot at.
* A featurette on costumes and make-up. Self-explanatory.

* “Stunts Package”- A featurette on two stunt scenes.

* “Our Journey’s End”- A featurette about the three main characters friendship.
* “Becoming A Werewolf”- A featurette on the werewolf make-up/prosthetics.

* Video diaries by the cast on set.

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