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The Last Song Blu-ray Review

 “The Last Song” is definitely a Razzie Awards contender.

The plot: The film begins with Ronnie (Miley Cyrus), her little brother, and her mother arriving at a beach town in Georgia. We quickly learn that the two kids are staying with their father for the summer after they have been living with their mother in New York. While in Georgia, Ronnie falls for a local teen (Will), struggles to find herself (and figure out her future), deals with family issues, and tries to reconnect with her father.

Having shed her Hannah Montana persona, singer Miley Cyrus has decided to try her hand at acting once again by taking on a serious dramatic role. The result: An embarrassingly phony and unbelievable performance utterly devoid of real emotion. Not to be too hard on Miley, but if her “acting” and her recent poor album sales are any indication, she’s going to have a rough few years ahead of her without being able to fall back on her teeny bopper beloved Hannah Monatana character. Of course, it doesn’t help Cyrus any that this starring vehicle is another eye-rolling, sentimental, sappy adaptation of a Nicholas Sparks novel that is stuffed with tragedy, romance, life lessons, and a corny baby turtle subplot used for symbolism (don’t ask). Yes, it is possible that Cyrus could surprise us all by starring in a good live action-movie one day, but judging by this I wouldn’t hold my breath.

Summary: Avoid “The Last Song” unless you’re a hardcore Nicholas Sparks or Miley Cyrus fan.

The 2.35:1 1080p picture quality is generally worthy of Blu-ray’s capabilities, but I did notice that some of the exterior/blue sky shots were a tad fuzzy in spots.

From Miley’s irritating laugh to the irritating pop songs, this 5.1 DTS-HD audio track fortunately/unfortunately sounds crisp and clear.

* Disney trailers.
* $10 off Disney TV DVD set coupon.
* DVD copy (which contains 4 of the extras).
* Miley Cyrus’s “When I Look At You” music video (and a making of the video).

* Alternate opening sequence titled “The Church Fire” and 5 deleted scenes with optional commentary by director Julie Anne Robinson.

* “Set Tour With Bobby Coleman”- The child actor who plays Miley’s brother in the film tours the set and interviews cast/crew members.

* A talkative commentary by Julie Anne Robinson and Jennifer Gibgot that mostly delves into directorial talk.

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