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The Dungeon Masters DVD Review

“The Dungeon Masters” is an interesting documentary, but director Keven McAlester seems to be pigeonhole D&D gamers.

“The Dungeon Masters” is a documentary film that focuses on three D&D game players (Scott, Richard, and Elizabeth). Scott is a puppeteer/hypnotherapist/writer/apartment manager with a family. Richard is a nudist, gamemaster who works a parks and recreation job and is a military reserve. Elizabeth is a web designer, D&D and Warcraft gamer who also likes to live action role play. She also tends to dress as a dark elf on what seems like a daily basis.

At first, “The Dungeon Masters” seems like an honest documentary that explores the lives of three people struggling to make their way through life (like most people). We see their ups and downs and how D&D and gaming provides a form of escapism from every day life. The documentary never mocks anyone, it simply tells it like it is which is somewhat of a problem here. Director Keven McAlester seems to have pigeonholed gamers here as the three subjects he focuses on all have very complicated and somewhat tragic lives. Why couldn’t Keven find a gamer who has a good life and a positive attitude to balance things out? Granted, the director may not have known that much about the three individuals prior to shooting the documentary, but then again, the documentary SHOULD have been more about gaming then their personal lives. As with most documentaries, however, sometimes the director’s intent changes during production (as in the case of “The Dungeon Masters”). With all of that said, ‘Dungeon’ is still an involving and emotional documentary about everyday people. It’s just not a very happy one nor does it really delve into the gaming world as much as some viewers may like.

As with most documentaries, the picture quality is irrelevant, but this is a well shot documentary. The film is presented in widescreen.

The Dolby Digital 2.0 audio track is about what you’d expect from a documentary. The interviewees are audible, but expect lots of background noise.

The only extras are a trailer, 8 outtakes, 4 casting tapes and 3 interesting segments on 3 other gamers.


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