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Dark Blue The Complete First Season

Dark Blue: The Complete First Season“Dark Blue” is a TNT network cable network show which stars Dylan McDermott, last seen on television in “The Practice”. The series was inspired by the movie” Dark Blue”, which starred Kurt Russell.  McDermott leads a specialized unit of undercover cops who sit on the edge between legality and their own dark deeds.  The squad consists of Omari Hardwick, Logan Marshall-Green, and Nicki Aycox: al cops with their own missions for bringing down the bad guys, and sometimes getting down to the criminal level makes them do things they wouldn’t or shouldn’t do. There leader, McDermott, has his own issues, and shows it much of the time.

The series is another gritty police drama where the good guys and bad guys aren’t that different in a lot of ways; the squad is willing to bend the law a lot for the “greater good” of bringing down the criminals.  Cases are very topical with what is going on in the inner city of today and the series pulls no punches is its realism.

The widescreen picture is close to perfection for dvd; with a good up convertor player, it is difficult to tell this is just dvd and not high definition.  Warner did a fantastic job on the transfer.  The Dolby digital 5.1 soundtrack is also commendable, especially for its surround effects.

The four disc set includes the pilot and nine other episodes.  Extras only consist of a preview of season two on the fourth disc, which is a crime in itself! (Pun intended)

The set is available for download from wbshop.com if you are interested in checking out one or two episodes before buying the set.

If you are into modern police crime drama with interesting characters, check this new series out.

WBshop.com:  http://bit.ly/WB_DarkBlue

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