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Hung Season 1 Blu-ray Review

Thomas Jane shines in the hit-and-miss HBO series “Hung”.


Content: B-

Picture: A

Audio: A-

Extras: B

The premise: Ray Drecker is in a rut. He works a low-paying job as a high school basketball coach, his ex-wife has found a new husband, his two children frequently ignore him, and to make matters worse, his house burns down. Naturally, he finds himself in desparate need of money. Enter Tanya- a woman Ray once knew that he has met again at a seminar. After having a one-night stand together, Tanya states that Ray is well endowed which gives Ray the idea to capitalize on that. From there on out, Tanya decides to become Ray’s pimp as they form a business together as “happiness consultants”. Other storylines involve Tanya and her mother, Ray and clientele, Ray’s ex-wife having problems with her new husband, Ray’s gay son Damon, Ray’s daughter Darby having boyfriend troubles, a life coach named Lenore, and Ray dating a woman who was a client. The first season contains 10 episodes.

“Hung” is the type of TV show that would have worked better as a movie. Unless season two becomes more eventful, there’s just enough material here for an ongoing series. Granted, the character arcs can be expanded to fill out time, but I just can’t see this series going on for many seasons. It’s a very limited premise that already feels stretched out in a matter of 10 episodes. The show really needs a new game-changing arc that will breathe fresh air into the series. That’s conceivably the only way I can see this series continuing without becoming stale.

Flaws aside, “Hung” still manages to be watchable thanks to some well written dialogue and a stand-out performance by the underrated Thomas Jane. It’s nice to see him get a meaty role for a change (no pun intended). He really can do any role. He’s been “The Punisher,” a father in “The Mist,” and now he shows off his comedic skills in “Hung.”

Summary: “Hung” is far from being appointment TV, but it’s worth a watch.

The 1.78:1 1080p picture quality is a vast improvement over the standard broadcast version and I’m sure the DVD too. The colors are noticeably very vibrant (just look at the nifty opening credits as an example).

The 5.1 DTS-HD audio track contains crisp and clear music and dialogue.


* Commentary on the pilot episode, episode 4 and episode 8 by Colette Burson and Dmitry Lipkin. Writer Brett C. Leonard also appears on the episode 8 commentary. While not the most exciting tracks, these commentaries are informative that cover everything from the opening credits and the script to personal stories and the meaning/signifigance of scenes.
* “About Hung”- A standard behind-the-scenes featurette containing interviews with the cast and crew. This featurette basically discusses what the show is about.
* “The Women Of Hung”- A featurette about the female characters in the show.
* “Ray And Tanya’s Personal Ads” about their business.

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