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When In Rome Blu-Ray

“When In Rome” is your typical, modern, romantic comedy starring Kristen Bell and Josh Duhamel.  Bell has tried a number of different character genres since the demise of “Veronica Mars” and she still seems to be struggling to find the right kind of role. This movie certainly is not the vehicle she’s been looking for.

Bell plays a NY museum curator who flies to Rome for her sister’s wedding and meets the best man (Duhamel).  Of course she’s married to her career and doesn’t have time for love .  However, in a drunken stupor she wades into a street fountain and takes 5 coins out of it.  Through some “magical” event, 5 guys immediately fall in love with her.  The guys include Danny DeVito, Jon Heder, Will Arnett, and Dax Shepard plus Duhamel.  The comedy of the film comes from these would be suitors trying desperately to win her over, even though she’s not interested.  DeVito plays a gentle guy in this outing; not the tough Louie character that has grown all too typical for him.  Heder also gets some good laughs with his character.

Still though, this suffers the fate of many modern romantic comedies these days, there is nothing new or original in the script.  The whole film is entirely predictable from start to finish.

The Blu-Ray disc is brilliant in color balance and sharpness, bring out the beauty of the scenes in the Eternal City.  Extras on the disc include bloopers, 2 music videos, and some deleted scenes.  The Blu-Ray also has Alternate Openings and Endings, some behind the scene cast silliness, and extended scenes with the suitors constructing their own “pain exhibit” in the museum.

“When In Rome” is a romantic comedy with a good cast but suffers the fate of many modern RC’s;  its very predictable and there is just too much sugary coating on the script to make it effective.  I’d rent this one to watch with my wife or girlfriend.

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