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Doctor Who- The Monster Of Peladon DVD Review

“The Monster Of Peladon” is a LONG six parter.

50 years after his first visit to Peladon, the Doctor and Sarah Jane return to find a new ruler (the King’s daughter) and the rest of the Galactic Federation struggling in a war against Galaxy 5. The people and miners of Peladon are in the process of obtaining a mineral found on the planet that can be used for weapons in the war. The only problem is that someone is trying to stop them from getting the mineral. Can the Doctor find out who is responsible for the chaos on Peladon?

If you are a fan of “The Curse Of Peladon,” you should steer clear of this sequel story because it partially contains the same story. Once again: A. The Doctor isn’t trusted by the people of Peladon at first. B. Agador is thought to be killing people. C.The Chancellor/Advisor to the ruler is villainized. D. Every character runs through the tunnels of Peladon aimlessly. And E. The Doctor hypnotizes Agador with his flute song. It all adds up to an unoriginal, boring, and repetitive two and a half hour story that drags on for what feels like five hours.

The only saving graces here are the always reliable Jon Pertwee and Elisabeth Sladen who do the best they can (as the Doctor and Sarah Jane) with such weak material.

Summary: I hate to say it, but “Monster Of Peladon” is one of the worst DW episodes. Skip this one and save your money for some of the upcoming releases in July like “The Space Museum.”

The 4:3 fullscreen picture quality is on par with most of the remastered classic episodes which is to say it looks fine. Likewise, the Dolby Digital Mono audio track is decent.

* Radio Times Listings, “Doctor Who” series 4 trailer, photo gallery, studio floorplan and BBC Enterprises sales literature.
* Commentary by Toby Hadoke, Donald Gee, Barry Letts, Terrance Dicks, Stuart Fell, Ralph Watson, and Nina Thomas. Not the most fascinating commentary, but there is some interesting discussions about cameras, politics, cast facts, etc.
* “On Target- Terrance Dicks”- A featurette on the Target Doctor Who novelizations written by Terrance Dicks.
* A deleted extended scene.
* “Where Are They Now?”- A TV show appearance/interview with Ysanne Churchman (the voice of Alpha Centauri).
* “The Peladon Saga- Part Two”- A standard making of featurette containing interviews and discussions about the characters, story, etc.

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