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Dragon Ball Z- Dragon Box Volume 3 DVD Review

“Dragon Ball Z” Dragon Box Volume 3 is action-packed.


Content: B

Picture: B+

Audio: B+

Extras: D-

Episodes 85-126 contain the remaining Freeza Saga, the Garlic Jr. Saga, the Trunks Saga, and the start of the Android Saga. In these episodes, Gooku, Vegeta, Piccolo throw everything they have at Freeza, the Ginyu Special Corps try to take over Kai’s world,  Goku gets a special new power, Freeza tries to destoy Namek, Garlic Jr. turns humans into demons with the Black Water Mist, the four demon Monarchs 9Gash, Tard, Vinegar, and Zald) stir up trouble for Gohan and company, the Dead Zone is re-opened, a cybernetic Freeza and King Cold look to get revenge against Goku, and a mysterious Saiyan named Trunks reveals himself and warns Goku about artificial human androids.

Having recently watched DBZ Kai, it’s become more obvious at how overlong DBZ was in spots (this is especially noticeable with the over-the-top, drug-out Freeza battle). Luckily, this set contains some of the best moments in all of DBZ. First off there is the moment that DBZ fans will no doubt geek out about. I refer to, of course, Goku going Super Saiyan. It’s a big, revelatory moment that more than makes up for the flaws of theFreeza story arc. Secondly, this box set contains the episodes of DBZ period- the mini-Trunks saga. Not only is this story bad-ass, brief, and to the point, but it’s a nice change of pace from the LONG fights and side stories. The Trunks arc doesn’t waste any time at all and I admire that. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that the sword battle with Freeza, his soldiers, and King Cold is jaw-droppingly awesome. Lastly, there are a handful of memorable moments that I found enjoyable namely the heroes becoming villains via the Black Water Mist and Gohan developing as a fighter and taking on Garlic Jr. by himself.

Summary: DBZ fans wanting the complete episodes will want to pick up the third Dragon Box volume.

Picture and Audio:

The 4:3 fullscreen  picture is on par with the last two boxes. These are the best transfers  you will see outside of DBZ Kai.

Dragon Box 3 includes English Dolby Digital 5.1 and Japanese Mono audio tracks. The English track is solid as expected. The action, dialogue, etc. are as sharp as nails. The Mono track is fine but it lacks the depth of a 5.1 track obviously. The voice recordings in particular sound a bit rough.


Extras include another snazzy booklet complete with character sketches, episode summaries, facts/history, and a character relationship chart. Also included are trailers for “Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood,” ‘Kenichi,” “The Slayers Evolution-R,” “Initial D- Third Stage,” ‘Tsubasa,” and “Soul Eater.”

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