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The Guild Season 3 DVD Review

“The Guild” just keeps getting better and better.


Content: A-

Picture: B

Audio: B

Extras: A-

Season 3 is a dark time for the Knights of Good Guildies (Codex, Vork, Bladezz, Clara, Tink and Zaboo). While waiting in line for the MMORPG game expansion release, the Guildies find that Tink has jumped ship and joined a rival Guild known as the Axis of Anarachy (led by Fawkes). Shortly thereafter, Vork resigns from his position as Guild leader and puts Codex in charge of the crumbling Guild. As if things couldn’t get any worse, the Axis of Anarchy begins to cause trouble for the Knights both in real life and online. Can the Guild bounce back from their problems or will they all part ways? The third season contains all 12 webisodes.

Despite being very different in tone to the previous two seasons, the third season is yet another laugh riot. The new characters that make up the “villainous” Axis of Anarchy (especially Wil Wheaton as Fawkes) steal the show here and prove to be just as interesting as the Guildies we’ve come to follow. It’s a shame the season wasn’t longer as I would have really liked to see more of them on screen.

Equally compelling are the subplots of the main characters. I especially liked the interactions between Clara and her husband Mr. Wiggly (who replaces Tink as a new Guildie), Zaboo dealing with his demented love life, Bladezz getting picked on by the Axis of Anarchy, and Vork trying to connect with the outside world. It’s amazing how much depth there is to the characters this season considering the short length.  

Summary: Pick up the third season of “The Guild.” You’ll be glad you did.

Note: Some viewers should be advised that this DVD set contains the uncensored versions of the episodes. There is a good amount of cursing throughout the season.   

Video and Audio:

The widescreen picture quality seems to be an improvement over the last two seasons. Considering how low budget this web series is, the show does look quite impressve.

Don’t expect Dolby Digital 5.1 quality sound from the Dolby Digital Stereo track. Yes, the track is efficient enough, but it’s not high in quality.


* The classic “Do You Want To Date My Avatar?” music video. A making of the music video containing behind-the-scenes footage and interviews with Felcia Day, Jed Whedon, and the choreographer is also included.

* A short fun special Halloween episode of sorts.
* “How To Build Vork’s Sword” with artist Greg Aronowitz.
* Felicia Day, Wil Wheaton, Teal Sherer, Mike Rose, and J. Teddy Garces talk about the Axis Of Anarchy characters. This is the best extra on the disc as it’s the most in depth.
* An amusing gag reel.
* A PDF file episode script.
* Informative “Tips For Making A Web Video” by Sean Becker, Felicia Day and Kim Evey
* A collection of truly weird Guild Applicant Rejects.
* Cast commentary on the episodes by the entire Knights of Good. Expect lots of fun set tibits and jokes.

* Crew commentary on the episodes by Kim Evey, Sean Becker and Felicia Day. Not as entertaining as the cast commentary but there is some interesting behind-the-scenes info.

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